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December 2, 2016

[VIDEO] The Magic Question

Each evening, there’s only one question which can wake my blanket monster from her slumber…    
Each evening, there’s only one question which can wake my blanket monster from her slumber…  

Comments for [VIDEO] The Magic Question

  1. Victoria Coleman says:

    that does it for mine too – although – do you want to go outside and play gets them even more excited and at a full run from their naps on their beds

  2. Connie Taylor says:

    Just like a sleeping bear awaking from that long winter’s nap and smells the aroma of FOOD!! And on the plus side, Ms Penny didn’t even have to go out hunting for her meal

  3. She is fabulous… and she has magic power.. she brought a smile to me today…

  4. Nicole Ferguson says:

    Hehe! She’s hilarious! She just pops right up. I’ve just moved my ridgebacks to Colorado with me… in Texas they was no need for blanket monsters, but I tried covering them up here and now they’re just like Penny in this video. Except Penny is so patient! She sleeps until you tell her it’s dinner time. Mine badger me half an hour before their feeding time!

  5. Emmadog says:

    LOL! So funny. That would work for us with the word snacks!

  6. Dashlilly says:

    Works at our house too! I love the jump up from under the covers πŸ™‚

  7. coastingnz says:

    classic – the power of one simple question.

  8. harrispen says:

    That word works magic around here too.

  9. That was the first question Sam learned too, right after “You wanna go?” I like Penny’s style; she knows what works for her.

  10. That silly question answers itself around here, too. Let’s assume YESYESYESYESYES is always the answer.

    Love and licks,

  11. Jo Rhodes says:

    Sammy and Dean have floppy ears. When I start to ask an important question (food, play) they throw their heads back in the prettiest sit with ears up you’ve ever. Their ears look so big they look like the wind could just take them away!
    Munching at you! Jo,Sam and Dean

  12. fredrieka says:

    I am lazy in the morning. But if you ask me if I want to go outside I will stretch, yawn then get diggy with it

  13. lynneplus3 says:

    Hey, that works for ME too!!!!

  14. T&S says:

    Our magic words are “hungry” and “go out”… and then stampedo…

  15. OMG ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!

  16. Sarah says:

    My ridge is so lazy sometimes…this am he refused to get out of his crate to go out. All of a sudden I say, β€œ Who wants breakfast?” And magically he’s got all the energy in the world!

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