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March 29, 2013

[VIDEO] The Not So Subtle Ways Eko Tells Me He Wants To Go Outside

Not on account of any skill of my own, Eko never once went to the bathroom in his crate as a puppy.  It seems like every dog is born with at least one innate skill (loose leash walking, fetch, etc) that they know without any instruction from our end.  With
Not on account of any skill of my own, Eko never once went to the bathroom in his crate as a puppy.  It seems like every dog is born with at least one innate skill (loose leash walking, fetch, etc) that they know without any instruction from our end.  With Eko, he always knew when he wanted to go out and he knew exactly how to get his point across.  To this day Eko has the subtlety of a canon ball when he wants to go out.  Here are just a few moves from his vast repertoire-
Some things never change I guess!  Does your dog have any funny mannerisms to let you know it’s time to go out?

Comments for [VIDEO] The Not So Subtle Ways Eko Tells Me He Wants To Go Outside

  1. If a dog wants to go outside … he has to go (and the other end of the leash-person too ) Ilike your videos very much – they are great!!!

  2. Victoria says:

    Muffin nudges me with her nose and if i ignore that she puts both paws on my chair and if i ignore that she stretches and barks. Rigby goes to the door and paws the door handle. Like you said there is never any doubt they want to go out!

  3. That’s so cute.
    Doggy talks, he literally talks, well, he growls non-stop till I take him out and if I dare not to take him for a run in the morning I’d never hear the end of it when I get home after work.

  4. emma says:

    Yep, we have “the look” down and we run back and forth, mom pretends not to notice but eventually she gets up and lets us out or takes us for our walk. Our doorbell is just to come in from the yard since she can’t see us standing at the door from her computer, now we get to see her racing to the door 😉

  5. Ha ha ha ha! Another perk of living rural! We have a dog door!

  6. aud says:

    I bet it’s specially harder for Eko, he’s spent his entire first year ‘OUTDOORS’, remember, the road trips!! He’s too cute.

  7. Gizmo says:

    Giz rings his cowbell (hung from the doorknob) to go out and if I miss it he’ll find me and give me that same “paw pat” on the arm that Eko does

  8. Steven/Buddy says:

    You are sure lucky with Eko.
    Buddy does the same thing for everything he wants and I have to figure it out ? Buddy puts his head I the palm of my hand for everything he wants, I tired the bell hanging on the door, he doesn’t want anything to do with it ?
    But Buddy is a great dog so I don’t mind . Buddy is with me 24/7 and goes every where with me. He sits up in the front seat with me on car rides and you would think he was paying attention to where we are going just in case he needs to tell me how to get back home. The cute thing is when I am getting ready to go some where Buddy follows me all around the house to make sure I do not leave with out him. I think Buddy thinks when I go to the bathroom he thinks there is some secret door in there that takes me outside, because if he does not get into the bathroom with me he will run around the house to see if he hears me outside.

  9. catchatcaren says:

    Ohhhhh that FACE! I just love your videos…I ALWAYS SMILE! Showed it to my husband too and he agreed 🙂

  10. I was laughing out loud at your video and Jerry says, “What are you laughing at?” “At Eko,” I tell him :).

  11. Sage says:

    Eko, you have the ‘look’ we know so well. We have our people well trained, don’t we?

  12. Great video! I would have to say Riva is the one with the most obnoxious way of letting me know she wants something, she runs frantically while whining to me and whatever it is she wants 🙂

  13. Great video! Titan likes to sit by the door and if we ignore that long enough he will go into “drama queen” mode and literally collapse on the ground with the most pitiful moan known to man. It really is quite tragic 😉

  14. Marcela says:

    🙂 Alex sits by the door or looks towards the door and that is my cue that she needs to go bathroom. Have a great weekend.

  15. Tiffany F. says:

    Eko can be a little creepy, huh? Haha

  16. Boomdeeadda says:

    OMgosh, those bedroom shots made me laugh so hard. Very entertaining as always guys. We were lucky to live in the country and I could just let him out the door. He never went far. But sometimes he’d go out and turn around and want right back in and so I’d let him in and giggle. Then after about 3 times of that, I’d get my shoes on and we’d go for a walk…that was his little game to exasperate me until I’d co-operate.

  17. Shary Hover says:

    We have bells on the doorknob that Lola rings when she wants to go out. She’s mastered the volume control on them and can ring them so loudly when we don’t respond quickly enough to suit her.

  18. Jessica says:

    Will, your video was HILARIOUS!!! It’s funny how so much can be said with just a long, penetrating-to-your-very-soul doggy stare! 🙂 Taylor performs very similar moves as Eko, but she also has a move where she sits in front of you and whines…and whines…and whines some more!
    By the way, Taylor has the same toy featured in your video. Isn’t it awesome? It seems to be almost indestructible!

  19. gorgeous video – I completely sympathise with the two canine eyes watching you when you’re in bed every morning (in our case, we have 2 pairs of eyes). It’s quite unnerving, it’s like they’re willing you with their eyes to move. I love all the ‘dramatics’ when Eko wants to leave, hilarious. 🙂

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  21. Sherrell fick says:

    Always enjoy your blogs and video’s Will. Thanks for the entertainment. Have a great weekend.

  22. houndstooth4 says:

    Ha ha ha! Oh, so much of this video is VERY familiar! The worst tactic employed here is the cold nose poke under the covers. How DO their noses get so cold?

  23. Our guys are lucky enough to have a dog door…or maybe it’s that I’m too lazy to get up and take them out all the time.

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