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October 18, 2013

[VIDEO] The Search For The Perfect Dog Bed

Earlier this week I considered the merits of getting Eko a new dog bed.  After a couple more nights of fitful sleep for Eko that consideration has now become a certainty. Check out this quick video to see how this new mission was kicked off. (Hint: It has to
Earlier this week I considered the merits of getting Eko a new dog bed.  After a couple more nights of fitful sleep for Eko that consideration has now become a certainty. Check out this quick video to see how this new mission was kicked off. (Hint: It has to do with Eko nearly kicking me off my own bed!)  
  Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to share a dog bed recommendation.  I will follow up on all leads and hopefully get Eko in a comfy and supportive new bed asap.  If anyone else has a recommendation please let me know.  Thanks!

Comments for [VIDEO] The Search For The Perfect Dog Bed

  1. Since Pixie ate Max’s bed and Kiva’s bed is now flattened (hers had high sides) we are in the market for two new ones. Not sure what we will find but we are looking online. I’ll let you know what we come up with if you let us know what you come up with! lol

  2. I sleep (or better: spend the night) in the same position as you :o) The worst is when 88lbs lay on my legs for hours :o)

  3. Victoria says:

    sorry i won’t be any help – Rigs and Muffin both sleep on my bed with me. Rigs sleeps where i can reach him to pet him for about 45 min then he goes to the foot of the bed and Muffin sleeps w/us for about 20 min (and my big Newfy takes up a lot of the bed so i normally just watch tv for the first 20 min of bedtime) and then she hops down and sleeps on the floor.

  4. monasigal says:

    I am in love with Eko and your blog! You MUST get a tempur pedicure dog bed from Orvis! Nothing else will do!

    From my iPhone…

    Mona Sigal MD Nourish Health With Food For Life LLC 2 Bourbon Street, Suite LL105 Peabody MA 01960 978-717-5804



  5. Orvis does have awesome beds too! My sister Bailie and I like cuddle beds with the sides on them and cushy fabric, but my sister likes a big flat bed kind of like Eko’s current style, so it is important to know if your dog preferst to stretch out and sleep long or curl up in a ball.

  6. Wish I could remember the blogs that have featured dog beds. Ugh! I know I have seen them but can’t remember where. I am certain you will find a good one!

  7. Shana says:

    I found a great bed from Majestic Pets – the bagel bed. Hobbes, the Vizsla, loves it – he can curl into the sides or stretch out with his head hanging out over the side and I was able to get it in a rust color so it matches him.

  8. Eve says:

    I brought Juley got a new bed for a wooden box I have placed in front of the Living Room window and she lays and watches for the school bus that comes for my sons. It was from Sam’s. I’ve even sat on it when talking to my oldest son and it’s was pretty comfy even for me and of course Juley doesn’t understand why Mom is sitting on her bed! LOL

  9. audrey says:

    this has nothing to do with the bed, actually, i’m looking for the info on the winter coast that Mr Eko has worn in NY when you two were still on the roads, could you tell me how i can get one for my lab? thanks.

  10. Tina says:

    Get him the orthopedic dog bed from Petsmart. My dog loves his beg. Top paw brand.

  11. Steven/Buddy says:

    What do our dogs really like ? Almost all my dogs slept with there head off the beds. They all at times did the spin around dance as I call it, helped make up there bed to.
    What I.did, was got a memory foam mattress topper from Sam’s Club, cut it to.fit.the dog bed and double it up, I think.and hope Buddy likes it, but at night he does sleep in bed with me and I.have one on top of my bed.

  12. Sherrell fick says:

    Sam my lab just got a oval bed from pet smart. The brand is kong and she has no complaints as she has slept in it for about 6mths. It is very durable and can be vaccumed.
    Good luck with the search Sammy and Lacey

  13. Rose says:

    Bark magazine has top 12 dog beds. I think k9ballistics.com sounds like a good match for you. Memory foam and chew proof-guaranteed. From $65.

  14. Boomdeeadda says:

    Your video’s are always so entertaining. I laughed out loud at the out-of-the-bed shots. Poor Eko, I’m not sleeping well these days either. But unlike Eko, I drag my butt some evenings. Maybe a nap on the sofa with my feet in the air is the solution, Eko sure looks comfy. Good luck finding the perfect solution. What I did for our cats is sew two regular bed pillows together (you might need 4 for Eko) then put a giant cover on them, then put that inside a cover that can be removed for laundering. It’s probably 8″ thick and they love it. The pillows were only $4 at Walmart and way better than the cheap filler they use in pet beds. Here’s a post I did about making it.


  15. TOld you the sofa is HIS 😉

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