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November 18, 2016

[VIDEO] This Is Where We Start

I’ve asked myself countless times how to rebuild  after Eko’s death left me in ruins. The first answer was – “I can’t.”  My pillars of joy and laughter crumbled and my foundation of love cracked. The immense rubble of all I’d built with Eko overwhelmed me. The task of salvaging myself seemed impossible.
I’ve asked myself countless times how to rebuild  after Eko’s death left me in ruins. The first answer was – “I can’t.”  My pillars of joy and laughter crumbled and my foundation of love cracked. The immense rubble of all I’d built with Eko overwhelmed me. The task of salvaging myself seemed impossible.But Penny needed me, so I cleared a few broken pieces to reveal the sand underneath. Each day we visit that beachhead and the joy we share there gives me the strength to clear more space in my heart. I could move mountains when I was with Eko, but now I must move mountains for him so that I may build a living legacy. Mountains are moved one stone at a time. Or even one grain of sand at a time. Luckily I have Penny to help, and my girl certainly knows how to keep sand moving.This is where we start.

Comments for [VIDEO] This Is Where We Start

  1. I worried a little for your circling Penny… how much circles can she do without getting dizzy? Imagine we would do that…
    It’s great that you decided to move mountains now for Eko… and I’m sure there are 4 helpful paws who will move them with you…

  2. Connie Taylor says:

    Eko gave Penny a good foundation to have fun on and I’m glad she’s helping you rebuild yours. She’s like the “Energizer Bunny” that just keeps going and going and make friends along the way. I’m glad she’s a dog who doesn’t mind a bit of wind or rain on her back. She’s grown up to be a dog Eko would be proud of.

  3. Victoria Coleman says:

    Very sweet Penny video – miss mayhem indeed – such a happy little mayhem maker

  4. Piglove says:

    Yes… this is where the new living starts. A new tomorrow… a new chapter. Hogs and snout kisses our friend. XOXO – Bacon

  5. One grain of sand at a time. So true. And what a great helper you have. Love to you all.

  6. Pat says:

    You rock, Miss Penny Mayhem! Give that girl some ear scratches. 🙂

  7. T&S says:

    Just keep it simple, like Penny does ☺

  8. Pam says:

    Eko is still guiding his little sister and watching over her mayhem. Together, all of you will climb that mountain and reach the other side.

  9. coastingnz says:

    Miss Penny bless your heart. Will I have to say one great thing about your blogs – you have so many documented memories of beautiful Eko – through video and photos and the written recollections of your precious time with Eko. He may not be physically with you but he is always with you. Snuggles to that beautiful girl who has Eko whispering in her ear.

  10. Jan & Rusty says:

    Miss Penny epitomizes living joyfully!! She’s helping all of us to live joyfully. With your help and your sharing with us. Love you all .. you, Emily, and Penny.

  11. KarenS says:

    She certainly does have a serious case of happy feet❤️❤️❤️

  12. Judy Petitto says:

    What a great video! That is one happy girl doing what she loves.I to love watching her running zooms.Yes this is where the living starts one grain of sand at a time and the mountain of joy is being built.Even in your voice Will I can hear hope.

  13. Penny is such a happy girl, she will keep a smile on your face. She does mine.

  14. Jo Rhodes says:

    Healthy love is great baggage to carry. The life you rebuild is a mosaic of memory magic and hope for the future. Penny reminds me of spinning penny. Just grab both sides and give a whirl! You should try it Will. It might be fun.
    Happy hunting!
    Jo, Sam and Dean

  15. lynneplus3 says:

    We all have to start somewhere, and with Penny by your side you should be able to move mountains. Eko has become a part of you, just as he helped form Penny into the whirling marvel she is today.

  16. Penny galloping through the water is the essence of joy!

  17. fredrieka says:

    Loss leaves room for love Penny will shift the sand

  18. Emmadog says:

    Keep your eyes open, and you will see Eko is with you. Sometimes on our morning walk when Mom is sad about Katie, we will see a rare white squirrel. We had always dubbed them Katie squirrels, but since Katie passed we don’t see them…except for on a rare occasion, usually when Mom is feeling sad and missing Katie, and I for some reason feel compelled to really try to capture it. We know it is a sign from Katie, just one of the many she sends us if we look.

  19. Love the video……and love that you’re taking slow steps toward “the new joy”……You can believe that Eko is at work whispering in Penny’s ear every single day…..just as when you’re very still at night before you fall asleep, you know he’s there with you. Life really is full of hard times/happy times, high mountains and very low valleys…..in the middle ground is where most of living is though and there’s where we find our “happy”…..you’re there – you just need to open the door a LITTLE bit wider!

    Love, Pam and Sam

  20. The joie de vivre of Penny running on the beach is indeed healing for a broken heart. Here’s to much more of those runs with sand and loads of smiles. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  21. A few years ago, a friend told me to watch for messages from my mother after she passed. She called them pennies from heaven. You have a constant, dizzying, reminder of Eko in your Penny from heaven. Sometimes the pennies I see bring on melancholy, but most of the time they bring a smile to a dark day. I believe the Lord knew you would need Penny to help you through this pain, and so, she was THE ONE AND ONLY pup you were meant to adopt at that time. Thank you for sharing her love of life with the rest of us!

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