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May 26, 2017

[VIDEO] Zero’s First Dog Show

We had a week packed with Ridgeback reunions which culminated with Zero entered in his first ever dog show. I think he may have misheard it as “dog showoff” but either way we had a great time catching up with his littermates and learning the ropes.
We had a week packed with Ridgeback reunions which culminated with Zero entered in his first ever dog show. I think he may have misheard it as “dog showoff” but either way we had a great time catching up with his littermates and learning the ropes.

Comments for [VIDEO] Zero’s First Dog Show

  1. congrats Zero!!!! that is fabulous!!!! zero can become a one… a number one… take that math teacher of the mama, ha! I wish we could skip the teeth check at shows, Phenny dislikes it totally too… it’s probably because we often have to open his mouth to remove the trashures from the street ;o)

  2. Victoria Coleman says:

    Still first place – and as Zero might point out he is definitely in a class by himself!! Good for you Zero and Penny for training him to be such a dang cutie and great playmate- have a great Memorial Day Weekend you guys

  3. TheRidgebackLife says:

    It’s official; Zero is taller than Penny. And you said he’s supposedly six months old? At his rate, his chest bumps with Penny in a year, will knock her off her feet. He is a beast! In the most loveable way possible, of course.

  4. KarenS says:

    I’m having a very hard time trying to stop smiling.

    Watching Penny course brought back wonderful memories for me of my old guy “hunting” the bunny. And I love the designation of the lure trial as the disobedience course But Zero, sweet goofy puppy!

    I remember the first time as a young pup my other guy went into the ring. I worked with him to get use to the sounds of clapping. Having someone inspect him. Moving around the ring. Be around other dogs. Missed one key item. With the joy of seeing his breeder again he jumped like a goat through the whole thing. I still giggle thinking about it.

    Looks like the weekend was a rousing success! They got to run. See their litter mates and make new friends. And congrats on his first ribbon. I think it’s the first of many

  5. Jo Rhodes says:

    Congratulations on winning a well earned first prize of most rambunctious puppy!
    He certainly was very proud to wear that ribbon! Where’s Penny’s Best big sister/partner in crime ribbon?
    Is that a black and white (prison inmate) striped one?
    We love you guys, Jo,Sam and Dean

  6. Connie Taylor says:

    Way to go Zero!! So glad to see him interact with his litter mates. Family reunions are always fun to catch up with everyone. Have a great Memorial Weekend. God Bless America and our Troops

  7. Zero skipped the teeth check and pretty much every other component, but hey, a win is a win!

  8. Fortunately, no matter how many ribbons he might win, Penny’s always here to keep him in his place.

  9. The calendar says six months this past Wednesday, but I’m not buying it. Beast mode for sure.

  10. We all had a blast, which in the end is all that really matters. Any ribbons are just an added bonus.

  11. There’s no podium high enough that Penny can’t jump and knock Zero off, so we’ll make sure his literally big head doesn’t become a figuratively big one.

  12. It was so cool to see all the little pups I once held now so grown up. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to do it again soon.

  13. Oh what fun! I know that was a great time for ALL of you not just Zero……………Happy Memorial Day Weekend……

    Pam and Teddy

  14. They look so happy and playful, I love it!

  15. Gayleen Marmarelis says:

    I loved seeing Zero in the show ring! Reminds me of when I watched my pup for the first time, in the ring. He’ll figure it out and will be awesome! Have fun.

  16. Getting together with family and friends, two-legged and four-legged is always good for plenty of smiles.

  17. He can definitely only go up from here! All the other participants were so kind, sharing their own hilarious stories of their pup’s first time in the ring.

  18. Greg T says:

    Good old puppy trials, lol. Looks like everyone had a great time, always good fun seeing littermates get back together. One thing that’s always interesting to me is seeing the different physiques of the ridgebacks – both of your pups are much more rangy than mine.

    One of these days we’ll get Mina into lure coursing, but as it turns out the meets require more than a bit of travel to get to them. Schedule doesn’t permit it for now, but in the future…yes.

  19. Kismet says:

    Dogs should judge the judges. The conformation of some of them is a tad obese.

  20. Getting to see the full range of body types was another one of the cool things about being around so many Ridgebacks. Even the differences across the same litter can be pretty stunning. Penny’s brother is built like a linebacker while she is this little speed demon. As for Zero, he’s eating about 7 cups of food a day but between all our adventures and all his growth it’s tough keeping weight on him. I’m interested to see how he ends up once he starts filling his frame.

    And you’re right, lure coursing seems to be a travel intensive hobby, which makes it tough for us to do frequently. Nonetheless I’d like to keep getting out there at least a few times a season.

  21. That’s the zen of dogs – they don’t judge us, and they don’t care in the least if we judge them. Another ideal I try to emulate.

  22. coastingnz says:

    more fun – although there were times where Zero looked a bit like – Dad get me outta here. First place though – well I would have picked that of course, but great the judges did too. What fun to see all the other dogs – love going to dog shows, except want to take them all home with me……

  23. Ha! First place is first place. You slayed it, Z. Can’t wait till next time.

    Love and licks,

  24. Hee, hee. I think the expression “mayhem see, mayhem do” may apply here. Seriously though, nice job. With a few more shows under this paw, your boy Zero will definitely make his mark.

  25. OMG I LOVED THIS!!!!!!!!!! That was too funny and at first I thought Zero beat all of those other dogs! Sooooooooo cute! He did super well!! Please, please, if you EVER come to the Detroit area, PLEASE, be sure to let us know ok? My husband and I (and maybe even Dakota) would LOVE to meet you the pups and Emily if she is there. Don’t you dare come to Detroit and don’t tell me!! Have a great holiday weekend!

  26. Emmadog says:

    We are with you guys, goofing off is so much more fun. Who wants to behave while others feel you up? I did one show myself and got a ribbon because there were no others but Mom says she isn’t interested in showing, so that was it for me. Sports and fun is where it is at for us. Good job getting some practice, though, Zero!

  27. Geri Zeibert says:

    Kudos to Zero, Mary and you Will for always remembering it’s about the dogs having fun, first and foremost!

  28. Erika D. says:

    Woohoo! First first! Who cares how many where in the class, even if it was a party of one! You have to start somewhere and get some feedback. I started really working with my horse in 4H and have now owned a number of horses and trained and sold my own from scratch, but it all started with me and my definitely-not-push-button Quarter Horse in 4H.

  29. dogdaz says:

    Fantastic Zero the Hero – not unearned Zero X Zero = First Prize

  30. That is a awesome video! I think it is great zero is in the ring. What fun!!!!

  31. Shalini says:

    OH! how sweet! Congratulations little boy!! 🙂

  32. T&S says:

    Our male spent his first and last visit to dog show under a table in the restaurant nearby he didnt like it
    Congratulations Zero

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