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May 22, 2014

Welcome Home Puppy Girl!

We have the new first lady! It’s been a wild 24 hours but she’s home safe and sound… and rowdy! She’s sleeping now, but probably not for long so let’s get right to it. For those who wonder, “Won’t mommy-dog miss her puppies?” I present this photo.
We have the new first lady! It’s been a wild 24 hours but she’s home safe and sound… and rowdy! She’s sleeping now, but probably not for long so let’s get right to it.

For those who wonder, “Won’t mommy-dog miss her puppies?” I present this photo. Molly’s work is done here, she raised her pups and is now happy to see them go so she can get some sleep!

Before we left, my girl stoically and cutely endured one final l nail clip

At home we gave the pup a bit of time to acclimate before she met Eko and Auggie.

She almost got her first taste of sandal but luckily I caught her just in time

I wanted to make the meeting as casual as possible, so without much fanfare I let Eko come in the kitchen to assess the scene for himself.

 After a thirteen hour car trip one day, meeting Auggie the next day and then meeting another puppy last night, I think Eko was a bit overwhelmed. He sniffed the pup but was mostly uninterested. The pup on the other hand grew up with Ridgebacks so recognized Eko immediately and stalked his every move

“Hey buddy, want to be my big brother!?”

Things were going pretty smoothly until our girl suddenly decided to try breastfeeding from Eko. As you might imagine Eko was not thrilled and made quite a hasty retreat. They eventually did make up.

“Sorry about the breastfeeding thing, bro. My bad.”

Eko was a bit wary, but Auggie was absolutely ecstatic to have a new puppy playmate. He’s used to getting beat up by bigger dogs so he loves having a new little pal.

The two roared and romped around the kitchen for an hour

Realizing she was outgunned, little girl resorted to ambush tactics

Baby girl exhausted herself with another play session this morning and decided Auggie’s bed seemed like the perfect place for a nap

Auggie was delighted to have a sleepover pal

Life in  the new digs is pretty good when your pal is a fluffy pillow!

We’ve had a 3 AM thunderstorm pee break, a big adventure outside where we almost made it to the sidewalk before turning back and plenty more to share. But while little princess sleeps I’m going to make sure Eko gets some TLC. I’ll also remind him I have no expectations for him to be a wet nurse! 

Comments for Welcome Home Puppy Girl!

  1. Victoria says:

    Love, Love, Love the pics and the stories! She is so cute and poor Eko – good thing you were there to intercede on the feeding! You and Eko will have so much fun (and Emily too of course) getting to know your new little princess – keep the pics and stories coming! Maybe a video for tomorrow (hope so!) – have a great memorial day weekend

  2. I would like to take the next plane and come over to you, that’s 100% cuteness. Sometimes Life is just good, no ifs, no butts :o)

  3. Absolutely DARLING! Poor Eko! Oh my he HAD to have been surprised by the breast-feeding thing! I love the one photo where Eko has a quizzical expression in the background. Brilliant idea to introduce them on “neutral” ground, and Auggie is one heck of a great cousin! So much fun ahead!

  4. ThatJenK says:

    So adorable! Glad to hear introductions went well!

  5. So cute! I’m glad things are going well. The pictures are priceless!

  6. Kuruk says:

    So cuuuuwoooowooooooote! Eko will be such a pawesome big bro!

  7. Rilla says:

    Congratulations Will and Eko on the beautiful addition to your family. Welcome Baby Girl. Now all she needs is a name.:)

  8. Such wonderful, fun pictures. Glad the meet and greet went well. And glad that Auggie was there to provide some play-time for the new girl. Hope your trip home is safe and easy! And tell Eko we’re proud of him for being so easy-going with his new sister!

  9. Marcela says:

    Congratulations Will. Your little girl is gorgeous:-)

  10. scarlybobs says:


    And who can blame Eko for being put off by that?! Hahaha! How old is Auggie now? He looks huge compared to your new baby! 🙂

  11. What a great time you’re having – even with all the “whoopsies, it’s all good and it’s all fun and obviously that little one is having a blast. One happy girl with a new home. It will be so much fun watching her adventures – I think Eko is going to be one happy guy once he gets to know her! Auggie obviously adjusted more quickly…… 😉


  12. OMG, E.! She tried to do WHAAAATT?? This little girl has a lot to learn. Thank goodness you’re there to show her the ropes. We’re dying to know her name.

    Love and licks,

  13. Elyse says:

    What a nice, gentle doggy dad you are Will. Congratulations on both of your pups!

  14. Emmadog says:

    Sweet! Puppies can be real irritating at first, but Eko will lay down the house rules and things will all work out. We saw a Ridgeback at the vet this morning and thought about you guys. We do think she needs a real name…can’t wait to hear what it is 😉

  15. Tiffany F. says:

    How sweet! She is going to fit in so well with the rest of the crew! 🙂 I can’t wait to find out what you decide to name her!

  16. Kim S. (nerdgrl) says:

    Definitely cuteness overload! Two pups in the car from NJ to Chicago?! Now THAT’S brave! It’ll take twice as long with all the potty breaks. Auggie (love that name) is super adorable. Also love the pic of princess pup in Auggie’s bed. You can see three eyebrow hairs sticking up above her left eye as she sleepily looks at the camera.

  17. Gorgeous, just beautiful

  18. Poor Eko. Hope it was more of a nip and not a full on bite.

    And, after this post, I think Tonks is a great name for her. 🙂 Just saying.

  19. pawedblog says:

    Aww wow! Congratulations guys! So very exciting, the little one trying to feed from Eko is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a while. There are so many more precious moments like that to come though, and if can wait to see and hear all about em!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x

  20. So cute, whee are glad the first meeting went so smoothly! Welcome little pup and congrats Eko on your new little furfriend

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  21. She’s so cute! I’m sure that you will all have the best adventures together!

  22. Dottie Wells and Tuffy-Cat says:

    Congratulations, Will. Now, you only have to introduce her to Emily and the new apartment. She’s gonna wonder why life suddenly turned so confusing. lol But, the good thing is … she’ll fit right in with her new family. And, a new big brother to watch over her and give her instructions as she grows. I am so excited for y’all.

  23. Aw! I’m glad to see everything is going well. Eko will warm up in time, how couldn’t he with that cute little face?

    I have to say though, I love the photos of Auggie. I’ve always had a preference for very fluffy dogs.

  24. Welcome little lady! Those last photos of you and Auggie snuggling down and snoozing are too precious!
    Wally & Sammy

  25. Mr Eko I am so behind can you send me to post link that explains who Auggy is? do three of you live in your new apartment now? Love the little lady 🙂 x

  26. fozziemum says:

    Oh squeeeeeeeeeeee what a doll and poor Eko…the milkshake bar mistake bwahaahaha I had a group of foster kittens who all tried to suckle from one of their brothers because he was a chubby one hahahah glad you are all settled back home 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  27. She’s so sweet… and poor eko… victim of attempted breast feeding D:

  28. She is lovely and looks like she is fitting in quite nicely. Enjoy

  29. That picture of her with her mom is classic. I remember when our Maxine had pups…she was SOOOOO ready for them to be gone and slept the sleep of the dead when we finally sent them all off to their new homes. So excited for this adventure for you!

  30. Beautiful photos, such an exciting time for you all. I hope things keep going well, and Eko quickly adjusts to being a big brother, which he already looks like he’s doing. I absolutely love the attempted breastfeeding from Eko. Too funny!! 😀

  31. Looks like the settling in period couldn’t have gone any better. My gosh but your life is full of fun and love. Congratulations all around. Lovely for Auggie to share the pillow too 😀

  32. Never a dull moment, eh? Congratulations on your new addition. She’s adorable.

  33. She is adorable and looks like the first meeting went fairly well, but for the breast feed. 🙂 Auggie seems to be a real plus on the scene right now. So anxious to watch her grow up and watch her and Eko have so much fun together via your blog. Hugs and nose kisses

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