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March 6, 2014

What do you talk to your pet about?

I almost titled this post, “Do you talk to your pet?”  But let’s be serious. If you have a pet, I am 100% certain you talk to them.  How could you not? Pets may not be great conversationalists, but they’re certainly great listeners. Last night I laughed when I caught
I almost titled this post, “Do you talk to your pet?”  But let’s be serious. If you have a pet, I am 100% certain you talk to them.  How could you not? Pets may not be great conversationalists, but they’re certainly great listeners. Last night I laughed when I caught myself in mid-soliloquy with Eko carefully listening to every word. It got me thinking about when and why I talk to Eko.

“Go on, Will. I’m listening.”

Rhetorical questions – “Where did I leave my shoes?”  “Do I need to go to the grocery store?” The list of rhetorical questions I ask Eko is endless. I think by speaking my thoughts it often helps jog my brain out of a rut.  When I run my ideas by Eko, I usually come up with an answer quicker than I would have otherwise.

Stating an observation – Just because there is no one around doesn’t mean I don’t have something to say. I’m glad to have Eko to share my observations with.  If you saw a man alone in the park shout “It’s a beautiful day!” or “What an afternoon!” you might be inclined to call the police.  Thankfully I have Eko by my side to listen to my proclamations and keep me out of an institution. For now.

“Nothing to see here people, just  my human making exclamatory observations”

2 vs 1 – We live in a democratic society so I figure it’s only right Eko gets a vote in household decision making.  I don’t see how it’s my fault that Eko always chooses to cast his vote the same way as I do.  Friday night takeout? “Ok Emily, you vote for veggie pizza? Well I vote pepporoni and Eko just told me he does too.”

At least Eko used to vote with me, but these days his vote seems to have been co-opted. Just the other night I heard, “What’s that Eko? You vote Will does this dishes? Me too!”


Comic relief – As far as comedic performances go, Eko is the best straightman (dog) a guy could ask for. He never breaks character! If I need to get something done and Emily tells me there won’t be time, I turn to Eko and holler “Cancel all my appointments and tell your wife you’re going to be late for dinner tonight. We have work to do!” Whenever I need a laugh I can always count on Eko to get it for me. Pets are excellent listeners and they certainly know how to keep a secret. There’s no better confidant around.  I talk to Eko all the time so I’m sure I have left out all sorts of examples.  So fill me in on your gossip – what do you talk to your pet about?

Comments for What do you talk to your pet about?

  1. Victoria says:

    lets see – whats for dinner? Where was i going? How did that get there? What were you thinking? Have you seen my keys, cell phone, purse? What do you think? Were you good today? Their answers are always sweet and of course in agreement with me!!

  2. meANXIETYme says:

    Anything and everything. I work from home, too, and get to chat with my dogs all day. It’s nice to have a sympathetic floppy ear (or two or four) when you’re having a bad day. And it’s lovely to see that happy smile (and lolling tongue) when you share every little thing that comes into your head.

  3. I talk about all things with Easy. From shoes till headaches, about all topics. Sometimes his dad gives me an answer. By now I never told him that I was talking with the dog and not with him :o)

  4. It’s so heartening to know that my conversations with Orlando are not unusual! Just yesterday as we went into the garden I heard myself say to him enthusiastically “Isn’t this a beautiful morning?”

    Orlando also chats to me. He is not a mute cat. His vocabulary is quite large and consists of harrumphs, gurgles, miaows and sighs. Depending on the tonal quality, length and scale I know what many mean. No vocalisation is duplicated. So while we are in the garden with me alternately chatting to him or the plants, he is also expressing his observations – I sometimes wonder what the neighbours must think!!

  5. nerdgrl (Kim S.) says:

    DH and I always say that Steffi knows how to carry on conversations. We’ve had to spell out words just she won’t know what we’re talking about. We also talk with her about everything. Is it time to go to bed? Is it dinnertime? Where’s daddy/mommy? What would mommy/daddy think of this/that? What do you think, Steffi? Is that daddy at the door? Should we go out? (or alternately, “How long has it been since she’s gone o-u-t?”) The list is endless. She also talks to us, telling us all about her day. We always tell her that it’s quite a story she’s telling us.

  6. audrey says:

    In my family, the overused phrase with our dog is: “What d’ya think?”

  7. Kuruk says:

    Me and Mama talk about efurrything! No secrets here! Wooooowooooooooo!

  8. Mostly, “What did I come in here for?” and important questions like, “Why are you so pretty?”

  9. Emma says:

    Mom talks to us about what we are going to do, things that are happening in her life, past experiences, pretty much everything. We always listen and appear to be very interested 🙂

  10. Every time my dog sneezes, my dad says, “Bless you.” It’s important to be polite!

  11. writetowag says:

    Ha ha!!!! My hubby and I totally relate to the “traitor” comment…BWAHHH!!!! We don’t have a dishwasher, I mean it’s me and when my love does the dishes, it’s cause for celebration!!!! Trev and I play ball!!!! As far as conversation, we talk to him ’bout everything…why Trev is part of the family and most decisions go through him first!!!! We just live here!!!!

  12. I talk to them about anything and everything. I tell them about other dogs and cats (like Eko!!), I ask them to pray when doggie or a kitty is sick. I complain, I laugh with them, I talk to them more than I talk to my husband lol

  13. pawedblog says:

    Oh my gosh! My dogs are all my best secret keepers. And you’re right, I would find it more weird if I heard about an owner who DIDN’T talk to their dog.
    It can get embarrassing though, the other day when Millie and I were at the pet store I was completely in my own little world, pulling things off the shelves and asking her what she thought of them? I even caught myself getting a little annoyed when she didn’t answer… till I snapped out of it and realised there was a couple giving me rather odd/terrified looks! oops 😀

  14. Since I am an “empty nester”, it’s just me and Max. I talk to him all the time and I know he’s listening because he looks deep into my eyes and tilts his head to hear every word. I think it it weren’t for him I would be talking to myself – and that could be scary. 🙂

  15. Pop over to us we have something for you 🙂

  16. I must admit that I talk to Sam all the time……the best part is he SEEMS to be listening! He answers me most often with his eyes rather than his mouth (!)…..Our pets have a lot to tell US too just as we share our thoughts and questions with them. They’re SO smart!


  17. Christy says:

    I talked to Jorga (pronounced Georgia) just like anyone else, I have from day one. She is truly my best friend. And like others have said here, I know she understands to a point. When I cry she comforts me, when I laugh, she runs around the house!

  18. lexy3587 says:

    I talk to Gwynn all the time – mostly just random thoughts/comments. And, of course, the ‘how was your day? excellent? you napped ALL day? wooow, lucky dog!’ type comments. What amuses me is how very quickly a friend who dog-sat for me over a long weekend acquired this habit. She was shocked at how very quickly she became the ‘crazy girl stream-of-conscious talking as she walks the dog’. He’s better than a shrink!

  19. I talk to Boomer and Dottie all the time! It’s not that I expect them to answer or anything but I know that they know a kind word or a kind voice and they like to be acknowledged.

  20. In this house we ask why the moggies have different rules to wake up time , feeding time, play time etc LOL

  21. […] loved all the comments on last week’s post about the different ways people talk to their pets. That conversation (with you guys, not with Eko) […]

  22. Boomdeeadda says:

    I have no doubt Eko worships the ground you walk on 😀 “Go on Will, I’m listening”…LOL I laughed at that one but I’m certain that is precisely what Eko would be saying 😀
    Cats are rather indifferent to what you’re saying. Mostly: “down, NO, ack, what the?” Also the daily, “Geez, whew that’s really nasty” as I clean their litter box. They just stand there waiting to rush the clean box and are probably thinking, “come on staff, let’s go, get out of our way”.
    But there’s also me pretending they care with the usual daily chatter, “hi girls mom’s looking for a hug, what should we do today, who’s on Conan today”. Funny thing is THEY definitely each have their own voice and way of talking to me. I wish I knew ‘cat’ 😀

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