Next Stop: Pet Friendly Public Transportation

Last night, Eko and I walked back down to the Commons to check out the off-leash section of the park.  Like I mentioned earlier, there is no fenced in area, so you have to be confident your dog will stay nearby.  Eko is always good, but last night I had a little extra insurance in the form of a local pug.  I think Eko must have been a small dog in a past life because he is absolutely obsessed with them.  Luckily the pug we met liked big dogs, so the two of them got along just fine.

This went on for the better part of an hour

Eko likes to make it a fair fight, so he’ll lie down when wrestling small dogs

Eko and that pug would have run all night, but unfortunately it started raining.  Eko didn’t mind, but I didn’t have a jacket and the hotel was over a mile away.  I leashed up Eko, waved goodbye and prepared for a long, wet trudge home.  As we walked past a T (subway) stop I looked longingly at the people heading underground out of the rain.  Now I can’t remember what I have for breakfast, but in that moment my memory really came through for me.  I thought I had read somewhere that Boston allows dogs (of any size) in its subway during off peak hours.  There seemed to be no better time for me to find out if that was true. Before heading down, Eko and I laid out a three step plan for success:

Step 1: Casually walk through the gates

Step 2: Blend in with the other commuters by waiting impatiently for the train

Step 3: Just act natural

I have never been to a city which would allow dogs on public transportation, so at every step of the way I expected the FBI to bust in and kick us back into the rain.  Thankfully that was not the case, and Eko and I were home and dry in no time.  I understand the need to keep pets off the subway during peak commuting time, but it would be great if more cities would allow pets on the subway during off-peak hours.

Today Eko and I are going to check out Peter’s Park, The Polka Dog Bakery, and try to take a walking tour of the Freedom Trail.  As always, let us know if you’re around and want to meet up.  If you have a small dog, Eko would definitely like to meet him/her.  And you can follow our day on Twitter @WillandEko.

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