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“It’s 106 miles to Chicago. We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.” 

“Hit it.”

I’m Will, a freelance writer living in Chicago. For a year I lived out of a car with Mr. Eko, my Rhodesian Ridgeback,  writing about the best pet-friendly destinations in the country. Since our time on the road a lot has changed. I moved to a new city, added another pup (Penny Mayhem) to our crew, and got married.  We tragically lost Eko in the fall of 2016, but we carry on with broken hearts. And we live the way Eko taught us – with love and joy for each present moment.

One thing remains unchanged, my love for adventures, writing, dogs, and writing about adventures with my dogs.

For daily updates, check us out on instagram @ekoandpenny 

For any inquiries, please email will@markingourterritory.com


Will and family,

I am just now reading about Eko’s passing. I am so very sorry for your loss.

Stay strong, Penny and Zero are lucky to have you.


Great to see Zero as a new member of the pack. I looked at my calendar today and noticed it is Mr. Eko’s birthday. I am sure it may be a hard day for you, but my memory of him continues for me as for you. Happy Birthday Mr. Eko!

Hi Will- it’s ironic I just saw your very sweet homage to Eko. My RR Duke turned ELEVEN yesterday, and since he is my second prized RR, I know 11 is approaching his life expectancy. My first RR was Gina, the sweetest girl, and the most graceful runner I have ever seen in a canine. she passed at 10yo, and if I hadn’t had Duke as a back-up (age 2 at the time), it would have been the most painful experience of my life. if you haven’t owned a RR you have no idea of the uniqueness, specialness and regal-ness of the breed. I actually found a new puppy 6months ago on FB, and I imported her from Russia! I had been following some RR breeders in Moscow and they are truly unique. a dark red I’ve never seen in America, and musculature that is so bulked up I had to call her “Moose”! actually she arrived with the Russian name “Marussia” but it being too hard to yell loudly- I shortened it to Moose. too bad you don’t allow pictures here- we RR owners want everyone to see how beautiful our dogs RR!!

Hi Will!

My husband has been a close follower of your instagram and blog pages for a while now and I have recently started following. He is always showing me pictures and videos that you post. They add joy and laughs to our RR loving family as well. When my husband learned of the passing of Eko and told me, we were incredibly heartbroken. We sat together and watched your videos In honour of him and cried together and gave our boy a longer hug that night.

Thank you for sharing your joy and love of Eko, Penny and Zero with us! If you are ever in the Rocky Mountains/ Calgary area of Alberta, Canada, we would love to share some of our favourite dog friendly areas with you and have our pups run wild! When Jaxson encounters another RR (which is very rare) it is always a beautiful experience. He lights up and has ” hey! You look like me!” moment.
Thank you for share by your stories with us!

Shyla, Rory & Jaxson

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