Signs Of The Times

When you make as many wrong turns as I do, you get to see miles and miles of extra road that you otherwise would have missed.  I try to stay positive about my navigational problems.  And so I am glad I got lost yesterday because otherwise I might have missed some of the most interesting road signs in the United States. Take a look.

Yeah, we saw a lot of these signs

Reindeer fly, so I’m not sure what danger they pose to cars

Thankfully you didn’t need to report any wild Ridgeback sightings

Picnicking is my new favorite word

This sign should be issued to everyone who has a dog

What does that even mean?

Not a merry Christmas for the Annie Maguire

Eko’s favorite sign


I am not afraid to admit that I went to bed trying to figure out the chicken sign.  Is it saying, “Caution! Slow! This is a chicken crossing,” or is it saying, “Caution! This is a SLOW chicken crossing?”  If the latter is the case, does that mean that they separate the fast and slow chickens? And the fast chickens have a different place to cross the street?

I couldn’t come up with any answers, but I believe that this sign might be where you can get closure to answer the age old question as to why the chicken crossed the road.  Personally, I would like to find out why anyone is letting chickens cross the road in the first place.

Oh well, no time to dwell on the the mysteries of the poultry community – Macksworth Island and Portland await.  Follow our misadventure on Twitter @WillandEko 

3 thoughts on “Signs Of The Times”

  1. I’m really enjoying your blog but this post had me cracking up. My only comment is I wonder what Eko thought about the great chicken debate. Can’t wait to read about your west coast visits.

    • Thanks Becca, glad you like it! To pass the time on long drives Eko and I still debate the mystery of the chicken sign. The world may never truly know the answer…

  2. It was great meeting you and Mr. Eco last night at the Inn by the Sea. You truly do have a great job. Enjoy the rest of your time in Maine. We will continue to follow your adventures.
    From the 3 ladies in the bar……


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