A Classy Adventure

If I had a nickel for every time that someone said I was a “class act,” I would be really rich, because people often use that term very sarcastically when talking about me.  But no more!  Yesterday I decided that Eko and I would become a couple of bona fide classy gents, so Eko did some online research and found out that classy people like art and wine.  Luckily for us, there happens to be a dog-friendly museum and a dog-friendly vineyard in the St. Louis area.

We started our classy trip with a visit to the AKC’s Museum of the Dog.  We’ll go out on a limb here and say that it’s the most dog friendly museum in the country.  The museum is three floors packed with paintings, sculptures, photos and exhibits devoted to man’s best friend.

dog friendly st louis

Eko’s favorite statue/pose

dog friendly st louis

A painting of a former “Leader of the Free Dog World”

dog friendly st louis

Eko and I want to follow in their footsteps! Or at least I do…

The museum was great, but I wasn’t sure that Eko and I were being classy enough so we took some drastic measures.

Dog friendly st. louis

Classy people/dogs always drink tea while laughing at classy jokes

After flawlessly executing our classy tea party, we headed over to Mt. Pleasant Vineyard to develop our palates.  It was very cool to visit a vineyard that whole-heartedly welcomes dogs.

dog friendly st. louis

Eko matured his palate by sampling some vintage 2012 barrel rain water

dog friendly st. louis

Despite his enthusiasm for heavy machinery, we did not let Eko work the fields

dog friendly st. louis

While I sampled some wine, Eko sampled some treats provided by the staff

Our trip to Mt. Pleasant offered a great mix of beautiful sights, historic buildings and delicious wine.  We had fun, but I wasn’t sure if it was classy fun, so we decided to break out a familiar tactic – the tea party.

dog friendly st louis

Are we classy yet?

Eko’s face in the above photo pretty much says it all.  I was trying way too hard to be classy.  It doesn’t even make sense to have a tea party at a vineyard!  Thankfully, dogs love us despite ourselves, so Eko gave me a pat on the back and let me know that he loves me for me.  As long as I keep feeding him, of course.

No need for you to put on airs if you’re in the St. Louis area, just make sure to swing by the Museum of the Dog and Mt. Pleasant.  Both are unique and fun pet-friendly destinations that you won’t want to miss.

And for those of you already in the St. Louis area, we hope to see you and your pet in your finest regalia at the Beggin Pet Parade on Sunday!

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