The Cheshire Inn

I have seen a lot of crazy things in my life, but nothing if my life really prepared me for what Eko and I saw yesterday at the Beggin’ Pet Parade.  I am still trying to mentally process all of the amazing costumes and shenanigans we saw, so I will post a full report later this week.  But in short, the Pet Parade was hands down the best event we have been to on our trip.

dog friendly st. louis

You know it’s going to be an interesting day when the guy in the giant dog suit isn’t even close to being the biggest dog at the event.

The weather for the parade was perfect, but some snow hit today so that’s our cue to hit the road.  Before we go we want to say thanks to the Cheshire Inn for putting us up for the week.  The Cheshire charges a nominal pet fee of $25, but along with a pet bed, a bowl and some treats, the pet welcome package includes a manufacturers coupon for any brand of Purina dog food.  It’s a pretty good deal all around.

dog friendly st louis hotel

Why Eko decided to fall asleep under the desk like this is anyone’s guess

The pet package at the Cheshire is one of the best we’ve received, but our favorite amenity was the dog friendly patio attached to the side of the hotel.  The patio is fenced in and there was enough room for Eko to gallop up and down the length of the fence when the mood struck.  It was really nice to have a place where Eko could conveniently get some off leash time.

dog friendly st louis hotel

The fence also let Eko escape the wrath of some local tough guys

The Cheshire is newly renovated and has a cool style all its own.  The staff is great too, so if you are traveling with your dog to the St. Louis area be sure to check the Cheshire out.

Time for Eko and I to put on our blue suede shoes and board the plane.  See you in Memphis!

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