Pool Party!

On our adventure Eko and I have run on trails together, marched in a parade together, rode the Polar Express together, and even attended Mardi Gras together.  But it wasn’t until this past Friday that Eko and I had the opportunity to jump into a pool and swim together.

Rummy’s Beach Club is an amazing facility (one of only two of its kind in the country) just north of Houston where both you and your dog can swim together.  Whether your dog is recovering from surgery, ailing from joint pain or just looking to jump off the end of a dock, Rummy’s is the place to go.  Lisa Goebel, the owner of Rummy’s, named the facility after a Siberian Husky she rescued who went on to fame as winner of Purina’s Rally to Rescue contest.

Lisa welcomed us to Rummy’s on Friday afternoon and was kind enough to snap some photos of Eko and me having a blast in the pool.

dog friendly houston

The pool has a gradual sloping entrance for beginners while experts are welcome to jump off in the deep end

dog friendly houston

Eko’s favorite game in water is the same as his favorite game on land: tag

dog friendly houston

Eko spent an hour happily chasing me around the pool

dog friendly houston

No quicker way to tire out a dog than with a great swim

Lisa also got some really great video of our swim with her waterproof camera, so you can see those on Rummy’s Facebook page.

Hopping in the pool with Eko was some of the most fun I’ve had all trip and I can’t recommend Rummy’s highly enough.  If you live in the Houston area, or you and your dog are just passing through, make sure you take a trip up to Rummy’s for a swim!


4 thoughts on “Pool Party!”

  1. I wear a wet suit when swimming with Wyatt 🙂 This is the coolest place ever!! We need one in Maplewood!!! Maybe you can open a combo dog friendly bar, restaurant, pool, and park when your adventure ends 😉

    • Haha, because when you are playing tag with a clawed creature it’s best to protect yourself! If it wasn’t for my shirt I would have inadvertently earned a few nice scratches.


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