Not Quite The Kite Festival


Right around the time we got to the park in Austin and didn’t see a single kite I began to wonder why anyone would have a festival on a Monday.  That’s when I double checked and saw that the festival was actually yesterday!

Many adventurers would have collapsed in despair, but Eko and I instead did the sensible thing: we rented a canoe.

Now we’re out on the water with a beautiful view of downtown.  Not too shabby.  We’ll be checking out the rest of the park once we get back to shore.  If Eko doesn’t tip the boat over, I’ll post some more photos later.

2 thoughts on “Not Quite The Kite Festival”

  1. One of our Puppies ( 2 years old) Saint of Mobile, Al loves to kayak and canoe with his Dad on the Rabbit River! Saint’s sister, CoCo of Memphis, Tn loves to boat with her Mom and Dad on their new boat named for her! The CocoNut! She has places from the bow to stern, ear marked just for her. Enjoying long ,lazy days cruising with her folks and friends. Another boy, Ace , who had sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge, love to Jet Ski with his Dad. All of these dogs hated having to go potty on wet grass or in the rain, go figure right? RRs are not known for their love of the wet, yet we have a large number of recreational water lovers!! I hope you post more photos Eko having fun being in the swim of things!

    • Your dogs sound a lot like Eko. He sulks in the rain but is happy to jump in any and every body of water. We’ve checked off kayaks and canoes, so maybe we’ll do jetskis next!


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