[VIDEO] Marking Our Territory – Adventure Highlights

Like Lewis and Clark, Eko and I are on a transcontinental expedition of epic proportions.  Unlike Lewis and Clark, Eko and I have a sweet camera and some friends with digital editing equipment.

Our cross-country cross-species adventure has taken us from Park Avenue boutiques to Texas watering holes and just about every fire hydrant in between.  We appreciate everyone who has followed along and we hope to keep inspiring people to start their own adventures.  So whether you’ve been with us since day one or you’re here for the first time, check out this video (produced by people with talent – aka not me) with some great highlights of our journey thus far.

We have had an amazing four months, but we are just getting warmed up!  Stay tuned for more great adventures as our road trip continues.  Hope to see a lot of you out there!

5 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Marking Our Territory – Adventure Highlights”

  1. Lovely. I bet Eko is having the time of his life. I also take Mandy, my Chow-Lab mix everywhere I go. Good luck in your journey! What about finding pet friendly apartments that accept big dogs?

    • Sarah, you and Millie are going to love New Orleans, it’s an amazing place and extremely dog friendly. We’re heading west these days, but we may have to swing through WV on our way back east!

      Blanqui, I’m with you – nothing beats travelling with a faithful dog. We live week to week these days, so I haven’t had a chance to even think about an apartment yet. But you’re right, we will need to find a place that welcomes creatures of all sizes. Thanks for your note!

  2. I love the video! Esp. when Eko tried on the hats, how cute! My puppy, Millie and I, are planning to head to New Orleans this May, so I loved hearing how pet friendly it is. Head to West Virginia and say hi!

  3. I love Eko! I have a Rhodesian named Brody! He is exceptionally large for a Rhodesian actually. Almost 130lbs. Come visit Dallas!


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