Dog Friendly Denver: Livin’ Large At The Hotel Monaco

We stayed a few days longer in Denver than we do at most stops and we couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay than downtown at The Hotel Monaco.  The hotel has no pet fees and the staff goes all out to make your pup feel right at home.

dog friendly denver

Although they may not always get the spelling right, Hotel Monaco proudly welcomes all four legged guests.

dog friendly hotel denver

The hotel also happens to have a mat stamped with Eko’s motto

dog friendly hotel denver

And of course Eko had to say hello to the resident cow 

Now, this may come as a shock, but sometimes I actually do go places without Eko.  However, I feel bad leaving him in a hotel room by himself for an extended period of time, so I’ll usually only duck out for a short while.  This past weekend some friends wanted me to come with them for a birthday party in Ft. Collins and initially I thought I was going to have to say no on account of Eko (unfortunately it wasn’t a dog-friendly birthday party).  However, Hotel Monaco came to the rescue big time!  For only $10/hr a hotel staff member will hang out with your dog, take him on walks and keep him company for as long as you need.  So thanks to the Hotel Monaco I got to enjoy a nice afternoon with some (human) friends and Eko had a blast making some new friends of his own.  I hear he was a big hit at the front desk.

All in all, I can’t imagine a better pet-friendly hotel in Denver than the Hotel Monaco.

Denver has definitely been one of our favorites stops on our journey, but it’s time to pack up and head west once again.  See you in Salt Lake City!

5 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Denver: Livin’ Large At The Hotel Monaco”

  1. Eko please tell Will thank you for the information on Hotel Monaco! I fly in for football games every year and love traveling with my little man Champ.

    Champ and I started reading your blog last night and have almost caught up to your adventures. I so want to do these adventures!!!!

    • Thanks for checking in Christine! Glad you found the info about Hotel Monaco helpful. I can promise you that you will have a tough time finding a better place to stay in Denver. Between the treats at the front door, the welcoming staff and the great location, Champ will have a tough time saying goodbye to the Monaco.

    • Erica, it is definitely tough to beat a hotel where the staff is happy to hang out with your dog for a few hours! I can’t recommend Hotel Monaco highly enough.

      Lilliam, thanks for the info. We just got into SLC, so if you and Apollo have a list of favorite spots I’d love to hear about them. And if you’re free sometime this week we can meet up at Parleys. You can shoot me an email at


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