My Ten Favorite Videos From The Road

Last week I shared my favorite photos from our journey across the country.  I received a bunch of emails from people sharing their own favorite photos from our trip and many of you mentioned that you also enjoyed the videos we made along the way. I linked to a few of those videos in my past posts, but I thought it would be good to have them all in the same place.  Check out our top ten videos from the road and let me know what you think!

1. The one that started it all

2. Can’t go to Philly without making a Rocky montage

3. Never a dull moment at the National Dog Show

4. Life behind the scenes

5. Thankfully Eko always kept me entertained

6. The Most Incredible Dog In The World

7. A look back on the first half of our adventure

8. Only one way to find out who is the fastest

9. The professionals took over and helped us make this great NYC video

10. The story Vegas doesn’t want you to hear

Making these videos was one of the best parts of the trip and my plan now is to have a new video each week.  Have a suggestion for a new video that I should make with Eko?  Send your idea to

3 thoughts on “My Ten Favorite Videos From The Road”

    • Thanks, we are loving Chicago so far. It is an amazing city in the summer. Surviving winter should be interesting too!


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