The Adventure That Wasn’t

Eko woke up this morning energized and ready for adventure!  That is until we walked out the front door and discovered that it was over a hundred degrees and humid out.  Normally Eko races down the outside steps, but this morning he stopped short and gave a longing look back to the air conditioned apartment.  I coaxed him along eventually, but it wasn’t easy.  I thought a trip to the dog beach would be the perfect way to beat the heat.

dog friendly chicago

I should have known our day was in trouble when I had the AC on full blast but Eko was still panting

The dog beach is one of Eko’s favorite spots and usually he runs wild, but when I opened the gate today he gave me the “are you serious?” look and reluctantly walked in.  Eko also loves making new friends, but I guess it was too hot for friends because he walked straight for the water without even looking at another dog.

dog friendly chicago

Eko stood like this for five minutes without moving

dog friendly chicago

I tried to get Eko going by throwing a tennis ball, but he just stared at it and then once again gave me the “are you serious?” look

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Eko had made an executive decision that today was not going to be an outdoor day.  We hopped back in the car and I don’t think Eko has ever been happier to get back to the apartment.

dog friendly chicago

Eko’s idea of a perfect adventure for hundred degree days

Sometimes you got to know when to fold, so we’re calling it quits for today.  Hope everyone had a great holiday and is staying cool.  Don’t forget to use Eko’s tips to beat the heat!

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