Our Kind Of Watering Hole (Find A Pet-Friendly Bar – Bucket List #11)

I am a simple man – clearly – and I enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  As I’ve said before, there are few simple pleasures better than a good beer or a relaxing lounge with your pet.  Now, if you can find a place where you can combine those two things?  Pure bliss.

In our travels, Eko and I were lucky enough to find a couple establishments that blended bars with dog parks.  Unfortunately we haven’t found one of those gems in Chicago (business idea anybody!?) but last night I think we found the next best thing.  Not far from my apartment, Wrightwood Tap is a bar that welcomes dogs with open arms.  The bar doesn’t serve food, so your pup is welcome to come inside to rest his paws beside you.

dog friendly bar bucket list pet friendly chicago

As if I needed another excuse to take Eko out for a walk

Eko and I have visited plenty of restaurants/bars where we sit out on the patio but still get some strange looks from the staff.  Our experience at Wrightwood Tap couldn’t have been more different.  After I ordered my beer, the bartender came right around with some water and treats for Eko.

dog friendly chicago bucket list pet friendly blog

Eko was distraught when he dropped his treat into his drink, but he eventually fished it out

dog friendly chicago pet friendly travel

Eko was in the mood for a low five after our discovery of such an awesome place

dog friendly bar pet friendly travel

Wrightwood Tap, we’ll be back!

Wrightwood Tap is a simple establishment that is perfect for a simple man like me.  The bar has definitely earned itself two new regulars!

8 thoughts on “Our Kind Of Watering Hole (Find A Pet-Friendly Bar – Bucket List #11)”

  1. Next Stop: Cody’s on Barry/Paulina. dog friendly, free pretzel rods, beer garden and grills to bring your own meat.

  2. Well aren’t they the bomb!? I would think that’d be a great marketing extra for any establishment. According to the APPA, there are over 46 million homes with dogs in the US, that’s a lot of potential beer drinkers! I love that they brought Eko a drink too. I’d give them 5 paws out of 5.

  3. Dear Will Eko:
    While most every dog enjoys a round or two with his master in a great neighborhood watering hole, sometimes a lovely Resident M.D. enjoys an elegant night out on the town. How about a few photos of you taking Emily to dinner at One Sixtyblue? Emily is going to thank me for this public suggestion. Include a photo of Eko guarding the home front while pretending to be napping while you and Dr. Emily have a date nite. Just a thought.

  4. See, that’s one of the things I’ll miss when I move back to The City, in here (Spain) all bars are dog friendly or as I like to think, nobody cares if you go with your dog as long as you pay your drinks and don’t bother anyone, that’d be hard to find in NYC.

    • The US is definitely way behind Europe as far as pet-friendly dining/bars go – but hopefully we’ll catch up sooner rather than later.


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