America’s Next Top (Dog) Model – (Walk The Magnificent Mile – Bucket List #20)

My idea of a fashionable outfit consists of any pair of jeans and any t-shirt that I have managed to keep free of ketchup stains.  However, Chicago is home to one of the country’s best known shopping districts – the Magnificent Mile – so Eko and I had to check it out.

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Eko’s idea of a magnificent mile is 1600 meters of dog park, but he happily tagged along

The Magnificent Mile is lined with high end stores, many of whose names I can not even guess how to pronounce.  However, it wasn’t much of a guess to know that I wouldn’t be able to afford a single shoelace at many of the stores.  But Eko and I weren’t downtown for the shopping – we were there for the experience.  I took in the sights of downtown Chicago and Eko happily took in the love from tourists who missed their pets back at home.

As we turned off Michigan Avenue, we ended up in front of an Orvis store.  I vaguely remembered hearing that the shop was dog friendly so I stepped in to ask.  I assumed the associate who jogged toward the door was going to kick us out, but before I could even ask, she said “Is it OK if I give him a treat, I love Ridgebacks!”

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“Free treats and lots of love? Will, you need to take me shopping more often.”

Eko was right at home in Orvis – the company makes a great line of dog products and they are also active with a number of animal rescue charities.  It’s definitely our kind of place to shop.

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In case you ever wondered, I learned that fishing lures are also extremely effective on dogs.  Eko was completely mesmerized

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Orvis had a fun selection of notepads but unfortunately there were no Rhodesian Fridgeback magnets

rhodesian ridgeback, pet friendly blog

The ultimate doggy bag

You probably won’t see Eko and me at fashion week anytime soon, but it was still a lot of fun to check out a part of the city we had never visited before.  Orvis was exceptionally dog friendly, but we learned that a lot of the major retailers are happy to welcome a well behaved pup – you just have to ask. Once you get in those stores however, figuring out how to afford them is up to you!

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  1. Dude, while on Michigan, try Ginos East, 162 East Superior, (just off Michigan) for deep dish pizza. Your dad and I would have Umbrellaman drive 200 miles round trip from ND back in the day. Quote from your Dad, Hey Umbrellaman, were all going to Ginos East for pizza in Chicago, and youre driving!


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