The Great Pet Debate – Take One

This fall, Americans will go to the polls to decide the character of our country.  The decision we make with our ballots will reverberate around the world for years to come.  This fall, we cast our votes and let our voices be heard in the most important election of our time.  Will you vote for dogs or will you vote for cats?


america's pet debate


Wait, what election did you think I was talking about?

The Pet Debate is a friendly and fun competition that supports a great cause – partnering military veterans with therapy pets.  You can cast your vote here and check out posts and videos from Team Cat and Team Dog.  But before you cast your vote, you owe it to yourself to hear from the candidates themselves.  Last week I hosted a formal debate between Mr. Eko and a cat so that each one could make a case for their side. (WARNING: This is the most absurd video I have ever created.  And by my standards, that’s saying something).  Check it out and then cast your vote!

Don’t worry if you are divided about who to vote for – you can vote once per day.  Happy Friday!

8 thoughts on “The Great Pet Debate – Take One”

  1. I think that if Eko had been fed before the debate the poor dog would not have only food on his mind…he was at a disadvantage! I vote for dogs….better personality…but, I love cats, too!

  2. Very funny, you always come up with the most creative ideas. Was Eko taking Ms. McFlufferson out for a walk? I’ll vote Dog today, because Eko is so impressive, but I’ll be back.


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