The Video That Wasn’t

Eko and I practiced all day for a new trick for today’s video.  It was exciting, daring and a feat of unparalleled concentration.  When it was time for the big reveal I hit the record button and Eko executed the trick flawlessly!  The only problem was that the camera was pointed at his paws…which was not very helpful for this particular trick.

We tried a couple times to recreate the magic, but I think Eko is tuckered out.  We will practice the trick some more and try again next week – I promise to fire our camera guy and hire a new one.


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In desperate need of some beauty rest

One of my goals this year is to work on some new tricks with Eko, so if you have ideas for any unique tricks we could practice please send them my way!

19 thoughts on “The Video That Wasn’t”

  1. Eko, the gallant lion hunter, will limp across the plains after a harrowing battle, cover his eye with a paw in a dramatic flair and fall over, playing dead in order to fool the beast who pursues him (Will or the lion, I’m not sure which).

  2. I taught Wyatt to clean up after himself haha (i.e. put away his toys). First I got him a basket low to the ground for all his toys, then made sure he knew each toys name (he had a Bone, Bear, Ducky, etc.) The we learned Put it away where hed have to put the something in the basket. Finally progressing to Put Bear Away, Put Ducky Away etc. Newfies like to have a job )

  3. Lol. I don’t think Eko is all that enthusiastic about learning new tricks:) Looks like my Alex when I am ready to do some training with her, unless there is food involved. Then she seems to perk up pretty fast:)


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