Eko’s Holiday Gift Guide

Well, despite my best efforts, Eko got another ornament with his weaponized tail.  We had to book him.

My bad

“Will, I can’t help it, I’m just so excited to be back in NJ for the holidays!”

Tails holiday guide

Just before I heard the ornament shatter, I had been reading Tails magazine’s holiday gift guide.  To keep Eko out of trouble I asked him to put together his own gift guide.  For better or worse, here is what he came up with:

A holiday favorite

“Chicken jerky is a great gift because it is tasty”

Another classic

“For the pet in your life that doesn’t like chicken, bully sticks are another excellent source of protein.  Tasty, tasty protein.”

Twice as nice

“I like Beggin Strips because I can run around pretending to be a doggie vampire.  Did I mention that they are very tasty?”

A hit with every pup!

“I highly recommend chewnola treats.  You can eat them.  And they are tasty!”

It wasn’t until after the fourth photo that I realized Eko’s Holiday Gift Guide was really just a ploy for him to load up on his favorite treats.  I’ve been had!  Oh well, at least I know that Eko is really going to enjoy his BIG Christmas surprise.  Anyone else have a special treat for their pet this holiday?

23 thoughts on “Eko’s Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. Besides treats and multipacks of Nylabones, I splurged on the Dog Tornado, a Nina Ottosson puzzle. Do you and Eko have any experience with these puzzle toys? I’ll let you know how our dogs liked it.


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