Do You Have A Sneaky Pet?

As you may or may not know, one of Eko’s many nicknames is “The Windy City Bandit.”  Eko earned the moniker with his propensity to snatch treats and toys from both humans and canines when he thinks they aren’t looking.  My all time favorite Eko caper was when he pulled an Ocean’s 11 type heist to steal some treats from the top of my fridge.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

I found Eko sitting by the stairs in the dark one day.  He didn’t want to come when called.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Closer inspection revealed Eko’s target, but I assumed the stash was safe

Rhodesian Ridgeback

But I was wrong!  I turned around just in time to see Eko complete the smash and grab heist

While most dog owner’s know that their four-legged buddies can turn into four-legged thieves when food is involved, a recent study shows that more thought might go into the theft then you would guess.  In the study, dogs were given the command to leave a piece of food on the floor under a number of different types of lighting.  As it turns out, the dogs were four times as likely to steal the food when the lights were off – regardless of whether the human was right next to the treat!  When the treat was in the light, the dogs didn’t break command, but when treat was in the dark, it was game on.

It’s no shock that dogs can be sneaky, but I never would have guessed that Eko would use the shadows and the cover of night for his heists! Who knows what other schemes he might be running.  Do you have a favorite sneaky-pet story?


16 thoughts on “Do You Have A Sneaky Pet?”

  1. Archie is the King of sneaky moggies. He has been known to steal food from the side, including Dad’s dinner and, famously, a whole cream cake left out to defrost at a party. He has also returned home with pizza, fish and onion bhaji ‘stolen’ from unsuspecting neighbours!

  2. Interesting…I guess dogs must be able to reason that the dark is a good cover for a heist. And who said dogs aren’t smart?


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