Eko’s Favorite Modern Convenience

It’s no secret that Eko is obsessed with our fire place.  If I make a move for the wood pile Eko’s tail starts wagging as he hops on the couch to snag prime fireside position.

Rhodesian Ridgeback,pet adventure

When the fire is roaring, Eko’s usual likes/wants become insignificant.  He loves walks, but Eko will moan and groan if I try to take him on one while the fire is going

Like dog treats, fires at my apartment are for special occasions.  If it was up to Eko, every minute of every day would be considered a special occasion, but alas, that is not the case.  However, Eko has discovered a modern convenience that is almost as good as a fire.  A few months ago I bought a space heater for our little corner of the room.  As it turns out I also unknowingly purchased the new love of Eko’s life.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet blog

If I have the heater facing the desk, Eko will nudge me until he can get his share of the warmth.  He will get as close as physically possible to the heater

To see just how committed Eko is to being in front of the heater, I set it to oscillate back and forth.  The result was instant hilarity.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Eko scooted forward and followed the heater to the right…

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

And all the way back to the left

And it just keeps getting better.  If I slowly pull the heater a bit further away from the couch than Eko would like…

Rhodesian Ridgeback

He will drag himself off the couch and sleep halfway standing up just so he can be a few precious inches closer to his beloved

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Life sure is tough for a modern urban pup!

It’s funny to think about all the modern inventions our pets have acclimated themselves to – cars, TVs, elevators, space heaters, the list goes on and on.  Does your pet have a favorite modern convenience?

23 thoughts on “Eko’s Favorite Modern Convenience”

  1. OMG, Eko is a nut. My dogs adore sunbathing (indoors and out) but don’t seem to be that crazy about blankets or space heaters. Maybe Eko needs a heatlamp suspended over the couch! 😉

  2. Now that is too funny!!!! BOL!!!! Eko…you poor poor puppy!!!! What a great blog post today, the pics were perfect…Will, I know I don’t have to tell you, but your Eko is one great doggie!!!!

  3. Love the photos of Eko with HIS love! I’m so jealous of your fireplace! It reminds me of my childhood…before I moved away to a second-story apartment. 🙁
    The modern convenience Taylor is most attached to is the cell phone! Every time a phone rings (whether it’s Jeremy’s or mine) her ears perk up and then she drops whatever she is doing (which could include sleeping) so she could stare at whomever is holding the phone. Maybe she thinks that a human friend of hers is on the other line…someone that will soon be at the door to pay a visit!


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