[VIDEO] Lights, Camera, Action!

Warm summer evenings invite us to get out and enjoy the night, but after dark it is usually lights out for any outdoor playtime with Eko.  Unless…



Nite Ize, Planet Dog, Chuckit and a number of other manufacturers all make glow in the dark/LED equipment.  Chicago is well lit, but I still plan to use the LED collar on any longer night time walks.  I highly recommend looking into some light up toys for your dog, Eko got a total kick out of them and they help keep us both safe.

13 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Lights, Camera, Action!”

  1. What a great idea! I didn’t know they made LED toys! We will have to check them out. Thanks for sharing your adventure

  2. Great video Will & Eko !
    I never thought about light up toys ?
    But Buddy has been Charlie Browning it with playing with the same toy now for over two months. It’s the Mr Bill stuffed toy that says his famous saying when squeezed “Oh No” , we are on his 3rd one now.
    But I am for sure going to get the light up collar for him, yours looks like it’s nice and bright, get for others and vehicles to see when walking, looks better then the strobe flasher I put on Buddy’s collar.
    Again Thank You Will and Eko for sharing your guys life and fun with all of us and for letting us in on new and different products and places for dogs.
    Have a great weekend !


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