It’s not a dumb idea if it works!

Well, well, well. It appears as if our antics from last week just might have worked.  Even if they didn’t, Eko and I are still taking credit for the (40 degree) heat wave that rolled into Chicago this weekend.  We lost an hour but there was still plenty of time for us to enjoy a romp at the beach.

After our perma-winter, Eko first took a deep sniff of the sand

Then he looked up and breathed in the first breath of spring

A breeze welcomed Eko back to the beach. And then…

He was off! Nothing makes me smile like watching Eko in full gallop

Eko also unveiled his new HoverDog™ technology

There were plenty of pups at the beach celebrating spring and Eko let each one of them know just how happy he was.

“WHAT A NICE DAY!” he yelled to the retriever

“I know, I’m jumping for joy too, little guy!”

“Did you hear? It might crack 50 degrees this week!”

Longer days and warmer temperatures are just around the corner.  Nothing makes you appreciate spring like a tough winter.  No need to thank Eko and I for bringing spring right to your door. “Just doing our job, ma’m.”

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