[VIDEO] Six Months with Puppy Penny

The pups and I are on the road to NJ for a visit home. It’s the first time we’ve been back since I got Penny – forever and no time at all ago. I’m not sure if time flies, but Penny certainly does! Here’s a look back at our time together so far.

Catch everyone from NJ next week!

25 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Six Months with Puppy Penny”

  1. Have a great time, Will! We’re having some really nice Indian summer temps here in NJ, and I hear the wonderful crisp cool fall temps are coming back this weekend – the best of both worlds! Your family will fall in love with Penny (my daughter has! She goes through your Instagram pics every day.). 🙂

  2. So sweet! It is like our two ably years prior. Zonka is 11.5 and Luna is 7.5. She came in like a terror and win over Zonka. Now they are attached at the hip. Wishing you so many years of puppy live and adventures


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