[VIDEO] A Rhodesian Ridgeback in Gotham

We’re taking another drive down memory lane today with a look at our week in Gotham in 2011(!). Eko might not be batdog, but he made himself right at home in Manhattan.

As an added bonus we managed to trick a pro to put this video together for us, so unlike all of my older videos (and most of my newer ones) it looks great. Check out young Eko in action.




Craig & I are in New York in March and this video is making me excited :-). I have been twice before, but I have to check out those pet places and see what they do for cats 🙂

As a former New Yorker, it was fun to see some old sites – used to work right across from Madison Square Park! I agree, it’s tough to have a dog in the city. I didn’t have one while there – it was hassle enough just for me!

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