New Year’s Resolution for Pets (and People!)

I generally don’t have a new year’s resolution. The holidays are like a runaway freight train of exhausting fun that I barely have time to get out of the way of. 1.1

Yeah, kind of like this

When January rolls around I’m quite content but quite tired. Doesn’t seem like the best time for all-or-nothing, stressful ultimatums. Fulfilling resolutions always feels like running uphill, against the wind.


Yeah, kind of like this

And inevitably, just when you think you have your resolution under control, something comes out of nowhere to bite you in the back and mess it all up.


Yeah, exactly like this

So today, and everyday, I like to remember a simple mantra: “Work in progress, progress in work.” In all things, we improve and get better when we work hard. So without setting a specific target or drawing a hard line, I remind myself to work to improve each day. With Penny around, there will be plenty of work to do!


Loose leash walking training – take two

Even with Eko, my rock, there’s work to do. He (we!) could be better on leash and there’s always room to brush up on commands.


“Me? But I thought I was perfect?”


You think surgeons just show up and operate? Of course not, they work year round to get better!

There will be plenty of frustration, setback and difficulty in 2015, but as long as we work to get a bit better each day we can carry on with our heads high. A simple resolution for any day.

And don’t worry, after extensive research I can confirm hard work and silly fun are not mutually exclusive. There will be plenty of both in 2015!

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