Water: A Fickle Love Affair

Eko and Penny love water.

Nothing makes them happier than crashing through the water at the beach

But here’s the thing. Eko and Penny also hate water.

When they discover it’s raining outside, all of a sudden they both decide they no longer want to go for a walk

These wicked witches act like if their heads get wet they are going to melt

But then they go do stuff like this:

Clearly there’s no fear of getting their heads wet

I mean, Penny is practically part dolphin

Yet back at home, as soon as they realize it’s time for a shower the pups once again yowl and pout.

I like to call them the “Actors Guild” when they’re this dramatic about bath time

For my pups, lakes and pools and beaches are fine but, rain and showers are mortal enemies. So as near as I can figure, it’s not water that Penny and Eko hate, it’s gravity!

Any other theories? Anyone else have a pup who only selectively enjoys water?

38 thoughts on “Water: A Fickle Love Affair”

  1. The only water Sam likes is the stuff in his water bowl, otherwise he’s not a fan of water at all. Maybe because it makes his hair even curlier but Standard Poodles were bred to be water fowl retrievers! Someone forgot to give him that memo I guess.

  2. I think for Echo and Penny the sunshine probably makes water okay and I’m sure a little heat helps too. The only time Leo tolerates water is in the bath – operative word here being TOLERATES. I am certain this is because of the treat reward he knows he will be getting!


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