Simple Vacation Luxuries

Mornings in the city are a hit-the-ground-running affair. I quickly dress, grab the leashes and head out for my morning walk with the pups. It certainly gets my blood going for the day, which I appreciate, but there are times when I would appreciate a slower start.

After 12+ hours of driving yesterday, today was such a day. Luckily Emily’s parents have the ultimate dog-friendly luxury – a fenced yard.


And the pups certainly know about it. They immediately dashed to the door this morning, eager to stretch their legs after yesterday’s drive

“Hey buddy, less photos, more opening-the-door-for-us”

I stepped outside to enjoy my coffee while the dogs enjoyed a friendly backyard brawl

Never too early for a good romp!

Some of us wake up with coffee, others with a bite to the head

Penny also decided to practice a few karate moves

The pups reveled in racing up and down the lawn while I reveled in not doing a thing

We’re loving our new vacation amenity for the week, maybe a bit too much. Every time we come inside the pups just turn around and beg to be let out again. It’s vacation though, so I’m happy to drink my coffee and oblige.

25 thoughts on “Simple Vacation Luxuries”

  1. Head biting and Karate seem like just the thing to start the day. I am not allowed to do either. I don’t have a little sister, and I’m pretty sure Mom would frown on a head bite or a karate chop to the arm. Instead I make a nest out of her sheets while she’s in the shower and shake one of my toys till I make myself dizzy.

    Love and licks,


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