Romp, Recharge, Repeat

We all made it in one piece to my mom’s house last night. All of us except my laptop.

After 4+ years of service, I think it’s finally time to retire the little guy (the laptop, not Eko)

I’ve recorded a bunch of stuff from our vacation, but I’ll post it next week once I have a computer than can turn on in under ten minutes.

My laptop wasn’t the only one tuckered out after our time romping through the trails of Northern NJ,

Eko and Penny claimed this chair and slept like a couple rocks

And it’s a good thing they got that sleep, because this morning there was someone quite eager to see them


Penny and Auggie picked up right where they left off. The wild rumpus is in full swing

My laptop feels and sounds like it’s about to melt, so I’m going to run! Hope everyone has a great weekend – we’ll catch up next week with a full report of our trip.

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