Doggy See, Doggy Do

Sometimes I do things around my apartment that do not involve my dogs. That’s a fact. But Eko and Penny consider it more of an opinion.

Since I’m an old man, I recently bought a foam roller and a mat for stretching. No part of stretching needs canine input. Again, Eko and Penny felt otherwise. As soon as I set up the mat the pups trotted over.Rhodesian Ridgeback, blog, adventure, chicago

“Hey Will, what are we doing with this thing?”

We aren’t doing anything, Eko. am stretching.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, blog, adventure, chicago

“I bet it would be more fun if I knocked this over”

I hoped the dogs would lose interest, but trying to outwait a pup is a fruitless endeavor.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, blog, adventure, chicago

They seemed committed to hanging out until something fun happened

And when nothing fun happened?

Rhodesian Ridgeback, blog, adventure, chicago

The pups made their own g=fun

This phenomenon permeates my entire life. If I’m doing something, so are the dogs, whether or not they’ve been invited and whether or not they even enjoy it.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, blog, adventure, chicago

Eko and Penny will stare at a salad with the same fervor as a steak

Rhodesian Ridgeback, blog, adventure, chicago

Anything I eat, these two are hoping to taste

On one occasion a few leaves of lettuce spilled onto the floor and the pups pounced. I could see neither of them enjoyed the taste but they kept right on chewing. I think they figured since I ate it, it must start to taste better eventually.  It doesn’t, but the dogs remain hopeful.

When they can’t find a way to involve themselves directly, the pups’ favorite job is “supervisor.” With our recent move to the new apartment, Eko and Penny have had plenty of opportunity to actively manage our furniture arrangements.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, blog, adventure, chicago

“I liked the couch better in the other room”

I have no idea how felines claimed the plagiarist title “copy cat.” Part shadow, part mimic, part chaperone, dogs are better at copying than a xerox machine.

I’ve no doubt you guys have some good ones here. What kinds of copying do your pups do at home?

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