Rainy Day Blues

Each morning, Eko and Penny stretch their legs, shake off the last remnants of sleep, and eagerly wait by the front door. They love strutting through the neighborhood on our morning rounds.

Except when it’s raining. Raining turns my eager adventurers into dainty homebodies. Anything more than a light drizzle qualifies as a natural disaster in their eyes. Yesterday’s constant rain meant my walking-partners had no desire to leave the house.

I practically had to drag these mopes out the door in the morning

Usually Penny sprints to the door for our afternoon walk, but yesterday she suggested I go by myself

This mope-in-Chief even hid under the table to avoid our evening stroll!

Despite their protests to the contrary, I’m happy to report neither Eko nor Penny melted when we went outside. To commend them for such bravery I thought it was only fair I help them dry off.

As always, when the weather outside is frightful, the fire is so delightful

There’s no avoiding spring rains over the next couple months, so either the pups need to find some courage or I need to find a lot more firewood.



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