Spring Cleaning. And Cleaning. And Cleaning

Spring is in full swing here in Chicago.

The good news is the soft sand is back

The bad news is the soft sand is back

The mild spring weather seems to make the sand extra prone to sticking to the pups

It seems like Penny comes home with sand in every strand of hair

Even Eko can’t resist bringing home some souvenirs

When it comes to Eko and Penny, spring cleaning is less of a single act and more of a state of vigilance. That said, I probably shouldn’t be complaining…

I’m not sure how there’s any sand left at the beach once our pal Leo gets through with it

I took a quick survey (sample size: me) and I think spring is definitely the dirty season for my dogs. Winter snows only require a quick wipedown. Summer’s warmth quickly bakes off any dirt/sand. Fall’s cooler weather packs the ground firmer and makes it less likely for anything to stick to the pups.

But I imagine these survey results would vary by dog and location. What time of year do your four-legged friends most seem like mud-magnets?

25 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning. And Cleaning. And Cleaning”

  1. We have a pool in our backyard, so every summer my crazy girl Sadie will go for a swim, then promptly race around the yard find the dirtiest patch and roll like a pig in the mud!


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