[VIDEO] A Boy Raised by Rhodesian Ridgebacks

There’s no one right way to raise a dog or a kid. But I’ve found the best way for me to raise a dog and a kid is together. It’s not always easy, but the worthwhile things rarely are.

We’re off this weekend for the first of two family road trips. Hope everyone enjoys the Fourth, we’ll catch up with you when we get back.

25 thoughts on “[VIDEO] A Boy Raised by Rhodesian Ridgebacks”

  1. Fabulous installment today! Just love watching them all grow together! Have a wonderful holiday and safe travels!

  2. Good for you in taking the things say negatively and putting a positive spin on it. I was told the same thing with raising 4 german shepherds with my daughter. I listened to them and I just continued doing what I was doing (pretty much the same things you are doing) and knew that some people just would never get it. Now the best saying the day is this one “The more i meet people, the more I like my dogs”.

    • Haha I do appreciate that people are concerned, but I also strongly feel the safest thing I can do for both my dogs and my children is to raise them together rather than apart

  3. I know you’re getting tired of hearing it, but Lincoln is the most adorable boy! And the way you’re working with him and the dogs is fabulous. So many people just say their dogs would never hurt their children, without actually teaching every moment, are only asking for trouble. The bond you have created is heartwarming. Thanks for setting the example. Happy 4th and safe travels! Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

    • Thanks so much! It’s been a delicate balance but an important one for all of us. It’s my responsibility to make sure these guys all know how to be safe and happy around each other so we can make the most of our shared lives.

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