Thankful My Rhodesian Ridgebacks Have Each Other

I often talk about how thankful I am to have my dogs, but I’m also grateful they have each other. With Zero turning two this weekend, I took a look back at how he’s helped Penny rediscover herself. It means the world to me that these two have grown so close and are always happiest together. Happy Thanksgiving and happy birthday Zero!

25 thoughts on “Thankful My Rhodesian Ridgebacks Have Each Other”

  1. So beautiful. I have tears. Bless you, Zero, for being Penny’s best friend. Happy Birthday. You deserve the very best — and I do believe you’ve found it. What a wonderful family.

    • It makes me happy to know the love my dogs share with me ripples outward to others as well. I’m thankful that love could play a small part in helping you on your own journey

  2. Thanks for the great memories today! Tomorrow is our Bentley’s “birthday”, we adopted her on Black Friday four years ago from our local animal shelter. Like Zero, she has provided many play hours and entertainment with Riley. Have a great Thanksgiving to you, Emily, Link, Penny, Zero, your brother and Doc!!!

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