The Mystery of the Missing Rhodesian Ridgeback

One boy sets out on the most ambitious quest of his life to find his missing Rhodesian Ridgeback who has been lost….for over 30 seconds….in the same apartment. Will he have what it takes to rescue his puppy!?!?!?


16 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Missing Rhodesian Ridgeback”

  1. Just made my week! After a week of someone always asking for the impossible, the joy of children and dogs, and discovery! It’s been a long time since a toddler was part of our world. The magic is real.

  2. It’s wonderful that the pups and Linc are such great friends…..that kind of love will be with him ALWAYS. Love the “Zewo” and “PenPen” names and I’m thinking neither of the dogs cares WHAT he calls them, as long as he calls them!!!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

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