12 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With A Rhodesian Ridgeback’s Couch”

  1. I love, love, love this video!! Thank you for sharing! You are so adored by those two furry family members of yours. I know how it is to have favorite spots on the couch. We have two black labs and the 2 yr. old has now staked her claim on one of the spots on the couch. She will whine at the cat or my husband or her sister dog if they are in her spot until they move and give it up to her royal highness!!!! So funny!

    • Glad you enjoyed it! A dog’s favorite spot on the couch always seems to be where you’re sitting…

  2. Loved this video as yes you are wrong to move their bedding as they see it! I know as I’ve been guilty of it myself and got the dog eyes stared at me! Love the new couch and good idea to move the old one too! Have a great weekend!

  3. So glad all is well in the universe with the new couch delivery! We to cover our couch but the dog hair still finds its way under the cover. Oh well, that’s expected with pup ownership ūüôā

  4. wow we love the new couch… and I grinned as I saw that you covered it immediately… that’s the fate of dog furmilies LOL do you like the new windows too? as we got new ones, I feared something is wrong with my ears because the noise of the traffic outside was gone… hahahaha

    • New couch, new windows and a familiar little number in the bank account – but we can rest comfy and warm!

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