Our Year in Review

Emily, Lincoln, Quinn, Penny and Zero are stuck with me. Not sure what the rest of your excuses are, but nonetheless I’m grateful for everyone who shared the year with us. As always, thanks for taking the time to watch or comment or send us a message. It makes my day when I know one of our posts made someone else’s day just a bit brighter. Your kindness and generosity makes me a better person – so thank you!

42 thoughts on “Our Year in Review”

  1. Such a lovely review! Thank you for sharing your numerous adventures with all of us – and a belated very happy New Year!

  2. Rescued Max after our 14 year Keeshond passed…… Didn’t realize then that I had just adopted a cyclone…… Thanks for the info, lessons and laughter …… Max has taught me a lot and he and I have come a long way……

  3. Loved seeing that your Ridgebacks can’t catch a ball either. However, if I throw the smallest piece of cheese from 10 feet away, my Naya is bang on every time! Thanks for sharing your stories and life experiences. Happy New Year!


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