Are Rhodesian Ridgebacks Easy to Train?

No! And despite all the fun photos and videos I post, we’re always working on some kind of training – failing in new and spectacular ways each day. I’m often asked about the behavioral challenges of training off-leash so I put together this longer video of our imperfect efforts to corral Zero’s alpha tendencies.

If you’re struggling with your own dog’s behavior, I hope you find the video a helpful reminder that even D-list famous Ridgebacks aren’t all they might seem. If you aren’t struggling with your dog’s behavior, well then just feel free to enjoy watching one man’s flailing attempts at taming the chaos!

30 thoughts on “Are Rhodesian Ridgebacks Easy to Train?”

  1. Hey Team Dinosaur Ridgeback! Great vid, and very timely. Had a setback yesterday & it was SO discouraging! Easy to lose the big picture on those days. Thanks for the reality check. 👏👏🙏😀

    • Thanks! I well know the frustration, shame and embarrassment of a misbehaving Ridgeback. But I also know I’m a better person for having to work through all the setbacks along the way.

  2. Once again you knocked it out of the park. My Ridge is the male version of Penny. I often joke that if Ridge had been my first RR, I would NEVER have gotten another but since he is my 4th, we make allowances and train, train and train. Love to hear of your challenges and I can totally relate!

      • As soon as you think you’ve got it all figured out, they are happy to disabuse you of that notion!

  3. We have two female rescue terrirs. One will pee and the other will come over and pee on that spot. The original will “remark” over that. It’s a true pissing contest.

  4. Just curious, is Penny intact also? If yes, how do you deal with her heats, and Zero at the same time?

    All my RR’s have been rescues, and thus all were altered. My goal is eventually to find a vet willing to do a canine vasectomy on a future dog.

    • I’m crazy, but not that crazy! Penny was spayed after her first heat cycle so we’ve never had any issues on that front. Vasectomies are gaining in popularity due to current research so I suspect you should be able to find a local vet who specializes in them.


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