30 thoughts on “How Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Get Their Ridge?”

  1. Oh I know I am a day late but this video should have been watched but with my own dog it got pushed to the side and finally this am I was able to watch in peace and boy did NOT disappoint – THANKS for the giggles!! Hope you and the family are safe and until Next Time when Emily lets you post another video!

  2. I hadn’t thought about using the clippers before. I’ve always used massive amounts of hairspray whenever Neeka and Khoi left the house. Since they don’t like water, I haven’t worried too much about it washing out. Winter sweaters though, are a godsend.
    Happy quarantine, Will!

    • The hairspray/gel model was going to be discussed at hour 3 of the video, but Emily said if I wanted to stay married to her it was time for bed.


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