The National Dog Show

There are plenty of things I don’t understand in this world – simple math and how to wear matching clothing are two such examples.   After attending the National Dog Show this past weekend, I added dog shows to the ever expanding list of things I don’t really get.  But unlike math and matching clothing, you don’t have to understand a dog show to appreciate it.  The show itself is great, but walking behind the scenes and seeing all the dogs up close was my favorite part.  I probably learned more about dogs in one weekend than I have in the rest of my life.  That being said, I was told the definition of “withers” ten times but I can never remember what it means.  In any event, it’s my new favorite word.

Nothing can really capture the full experience of a dog show, so I advise adding one to your bucket list.  Now since I just said nothing can capture the experience, clearly a poorly narrated and technologically inept slideshow won’t do the trick.  But if you are interested in seeing some behind the scenes footage combined with the musings of a foolish man, then by all mean, press play!

If you are interested in learning about some of the people and programs mentioned in the video, you can find more information here:

Rally to Rescue – Helping Pets in Need

Angel on a Leash – America’s Therapy Dogs (You can find the book here.)

Meet Eli – 9/11 Therapy Dog

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