The Dog Bar Has Set The Bar

What would happen if you let a dog design his dream bar?  You would probably get a pretty structurally unsound building, because dogs aren’t great engineers.  But what if you let a dog-lover design her dream bar? You would get Dog Bar – an awesome hangout for humans and dogs alike.

dog friendly charlotte

Can’t think of a better way to start the weekend

Eko and I have been to plenty of unique and accommodating pet-friendly destinations, but Dog Bar is without a doubt the coolest place we’ve visited.  Inside the building is a fully stocked bar with plenty of seats for people and plenty of room for dogs to roam off-leash.

Dog friendly charlotte

Eko knocked back a couple pitchers of ice, but it was ok, I was driving

The Dog Bar has a fenced-in outdoor area complete with a fire pit and recently installed heaters.  In the summer time, the pools are brought out and a Dog Bar turns into a veritable dog resort.

Eko and I watched the game under the heated lamps

After failing to get her phone number, Eko was so embarrassed that he couldn’t even look at the cute girl by the bar. 

The Dog Bar doesn’t serve food, but the staff is happy to point you to any of the local   restaurants where you can grab take-out and then bring your food back over.  Locals pay an annual membership fee of only $10, and Dog Bar is happy to welcome those just passing through town free of charge.

If you are ever anywhere near Charlotte with your dog and you only have time to visit one place – make it Dog Bar.  Even if you don’t have a dog, go ahead and stop by – we met a number of people who were there just to enjoy the good company.

Dog friendly hotel

“Oh man, I drank way too much ice last night…”

Tomorrow is our last morning in Charlotte before we head to Charleston, but we will seriously miss Dog Bar.  Once our journey is done we just may have to start a dog bar of our own.

Don’t forget to send us your suggestions for where to stop in South Carolina!

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  1. I’m not sure where in Charleston you are going, but there are several dog parks in the area. Most of the beaches have off leash hours (check municipalities’ web sites). Folly Beach is VERY dog friendly. Murphy enjoys it there, as well as Isle of Palms.


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