The Mystery Of University Park

Winter came back with a vengeance and the temperature dropped to around freezing overnight.  Our original plan was to check out all the local St. Louis parks, and since we never have back-up plans we decided to stay the course.

dog friendly st. louis

The face of a dog resolved to play in the park no matter what

Our first stop was University City Dog Park, and while the weather wasn’t a problem, security was.  The outer gate was unlocked, so we strolled right in.  I wanted a photo of the park from outside so I left Eko in between gates and exited the park to get a wider shot.  The problem arose when I tried to get back in and found out that the gate had an electronic lock on it that clicked into place when I left.  I was stuck outside and Eko was stuck in between gates; that was a problem.

For this part of the blog you will need to use your imagination to picture me heroically scaling the fence to save Mr. Eko.  Since we already happened to be in the park, I had Eko help me search for some clues as to what was going on.

dog friendly st. louis

No clues in the tunnels

dog friendly st. louis

Or on top of the tunnels

dog friendly st. louis

Tunnels thoroughly checked, we sought answers elsewhere

We didn’t find any signs with relevant information, but we did find what looked to be a registry of members along with a contact email.  We used our detective skills to reason that the park might actually be private, so it was time for us to go.

pet friendly st. louis

On the outside looking in

I sent an email inquiry asking whether the park has any (not fence jumping) procedures for visitors who would like to use the facility.  At this time I would also like to stress that while it  may have looked like Eko was playing and having a great time, he was actually just conducting a vigorous investigation to uncover the truth.  And during the course of said investigation, we may have happened to notice that University City Dog Park is one of the best designed parks we have ever (not) visited.  Allegedly.

We will definitely let you know when we hear back from the park managers or their lawyers.  Luckily, we also had a great time not trespassing on some of St. Louis’ 100% public parks, so we’ll fill you in on those in our next post.

2 thoughts on “The Mystery Of University Park”

  1. Sorry there werent people there to help you out! It really is a great park with lots of fun obstacles for dogs to play with/on. The gate is locked with a code entry. In order to get the code you need to register your dog with UCity and provide proof of vaccinations. Thats our way of making sure all the dogs that play there are healthy so everyone can play happily without worries of Parvo etc. Stop by next time youre in town and well help you get in without climbing the fence!

    • Thanks for the update! It was definitely a hectic situation but luckily it all turned out ok. I’m just glad we got to see the park, it was definitely one of the best designed dog parks we visited. Next time we will be sure to call ahead!


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