The Memphis Blues

Memphis, it’s the city of kings…  well, it’s the city of The King, and that’s all that matters.

The Beggin’ Pet Parade put us in a great mood and we were hoping to keep the party going in Memphis.  The gray sky couldn’t dampen our mood and we made our way over to Mud Island Park, which is actually much nicer than its name implies.

dog friendly memphis

If not for the drag created by his ears, Eko could possibly break the sound barrier

dog friendly memphis

The best cross-species adventure team this side of the Mississippi

I had assumed that every time you look at the Mississippi River, CCR would automatically start playing Proud Mary over a loudspeaker, but sadly, that is not the case.  In any event, something interesting caught my eye as we made our way back downtown.

dog friendly st. louis

Is this where Elvis lived?  If so, why isn’t his nickname the Pharaoh?

We didn’t have time to solve any Egyptian mysteries because we were on a mission.  Our next stop was the birthplace of rock n’ roll – Beale Street.  Or, at least we thought that was our next stop.  When we walked up to the top of Beale Street we found this sign:

sad face

I’m not sure if I was more upset that dogs aren’t allowed on the street or that for some reason Memphis officials believe reptiles are not animals

dog friendly memphis

Eko collapsed in despair

dog friendly memphis

We got the not-pet-friendly blues

pet friendly memphis

Back at the hotel Eko dreamed of one day being able to walk down Beale Street

I don’t know what problem Memphis has with animals/reptiles, but it seems a bit ridiculous that they won’t let Eko (or any crocodiles) go for a stroll down Beale Street.  No matter, we are not easily deterred.  There is an open air park at the end of Beale Street and we are hoping to catch a live show there some time this week.

If you know of any other places in the area we should check out, be sure to drop us a line!

5 thoughts on “The Memphis Blues”

  1. Following up on my suggestion to make a presentation to the Mayor of Memphis – many cities are catching onto the benefits of eco-tourism; that is promoting their natural resources to attract tourist dollars. What you have here in Memphis and elsewhere is an opportunity to make a case for Eko-tourism. Cities and businesses that welcome pets can be good for the local economy.

  2. My fifth grade students are loving your blog. I think reading teachers around the nation ought to assign it for homework! Thank you.

  3. Eko might want to call on the Mayor of Memphis with his photo slides of the St Louis pet parade. Mayors tend to not want to be outdone. Eko might be able to paint a new vision of Beale Street for the Mayor. In fact why limit the presentation to St Louis – show the mayor all the places you’ve been and throw in a few woofs about the economic benefits of pet friendly businesses and parks.


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