Dog-Friendly New Orleans: Check Reality At The Door

We have been in New Orleans for less than twenty-four hours and in that time we have already witnessed some of the most bizarre scenarios imaginable, including a woman’s heartfelt marriage proposal… to a life-size cardboard cutout of Ryan Seacrest.

dog friendly new orleans

And no one batted an eye at the Star Wars dudes cruising in a mini-tank

To all those who enter New Orleans, my only advice would be to discard the question “Why?” from your mind.  There are no answers to questions like, “Why would they have a guy ride a giant toilet in the parade while singing Brass Monkey?”  The only relevant question to ask in New Orleans is “Why not?”  And as far as we can tell no one has ever come up with an idea for a Mardi Gras parade/costume that was rejected.

dog friendly new orleans

“So it says in your application you want to ride a giant toilet and blast the Beastie Boys. Sure, why not?”

We got to see a bunch of fun parades yesterday, but we need to head out to catch all of the big ones today.  I can only imagine what we’re going to see.  All I can tell you is that not only do the people of New Orleans welcome dogs, but they also welcome about every kind of creature you could possibly imagine.

Eko, has been looking out the window all morning in anticipation, so it’s time to set the little guy loose.  Happy Mardi Gras!

dog friendly new orleans

“Will, we must go. The parades need me.”

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