Dog Friendly Austin: Zilker Park

Our attempt at visiting the Kite Festival may not have worked out so well, but we still had a great time exploring Zilker Park by land and by sea.  Here are a few more photos from yesterday’s outing.

dog friendly park austin

Soaking up the sun

dog friendly park austinEko implored me to row just a little closer…

dog friendly park Austin

Hello Austin!

Zilker Park also has a large (unfenced) off leash area that is a perfect place for dogs to run off some energy.  If you live in Austin and are around this weekend, come meet us at the Zilker Park off-leash area at 10 am this Saturday.  We’ll be hanging out for a couple hours and we have some giveaways for the first fifty humans/dogs that show up.  It should be a lot of fun – hope to see you there!

5 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Austin: Zilker Park”

  1. Your posts inspired me to take our Golden Retriever to our local dog park this past weekend here in Charlotte. She/WE had a blast, right up until she decided to roll around in a mud pit. She continued to have a blast after that, with us hosing her down at the park, but us? Not so much. 🙂 Wish I knew how you keep Eko so calm and well-behaved in all these public places. Our dog is a spaz. 🙂

    • Glad you guys had fun! For some reason it is always right when you’re about to leave the park that you dog thinks it would be a brilliant idea to roll in the mud. I always keep a towel handy just in case.

      As for the secret to keeping Eko well-behaved in public? I cheat! For every 100 photos I take, only about 2 are any good. The rest are usually blurred by Eko chasing another dog or causing some other sort of trouble. I have the luxury of only posting the “well-behaved” photos on the blog and I can delete the rest. He is a huge knucklehead (he takes after his father in that regard) with tons of energy, so if I need him to actually be well mannered, I just make sure I run him senseless beforehand. He is very well behaved in his sleep.


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