Dog Friendly Dallas: The Time Traveler Edition

After wrangling steer yesterday morning, we continued our history lesson with a visit to Dallas Heritage Village.  The Village is a grouping of restored structures from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Dogs aren’t allowed in the buildings, but they are welcome to join you on a tour of the grounds, which is definitely the best part of the park.

dog friendly dallas

Unbeknownst to me, Eko and a small child had a Wild West standoff

dog friendly dallas

Even Eko might have a tough time chasing down this lion

dog friendly dallas

Thankfully this did not turn into a Ridgeback in a hen house situation

dog friendly dallas

I can also tell you that the fences at the village are very well built and your dog couldn’t wriggle into the sheep’s pen if he tried.  And boy did he try

 We’re going to continue our journey through time with a ride on one of Dallas’ vintage trolleys. If you know any good stops along the way, be sure to drop us a line.  And thanks to @LadyHawk875 for the recommendation!

2 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Dallas: The Time Traveler Edition”

  1. You two should visit our beautiful Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area in southeastern Kentucky! It’s absolutely beautiful here, & the best way to see it is to take a PET FRIENDLY ride on board the Big South Fork Scenic Railway! Afterwards, you can stop by our store – Sweet Kreations Gift Shoppe, Fudgery & Christmas Landing – for some of our delicious fudge…& of course a doggie treat for Eko!

    Visit them at for more info to plan your trip. Hope to see you two in the near future, & in the meantime, happy trails!

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Big South Fork and the Railway sound awesome! We’re headed to the West Coast right now, but on our way back east we may just have to swing through and say hello.

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